A-Rod PED Press Conference Discussion

Use this thread to discuss Alex’s comments today. Do you believe him? Do you find the whole controversy boring or ridiculous? Chime in, and I will add my thoughts on the press conference later.

0 thoughts on “A-Rod PED Press Conference Discussion

  1. They aren’t going to like this- he still doesn’t say that he knowingly jabbed himself and became Superman- Harold rdeynolds is going to say he’s lying, and the Yankees should therefore put Joba in the pen.

  2. Moshe-good one.

    I think that the guys I heard commenting on it were pretty happy with the whole thing. They seemed to think that, outside of a few incidentals, he answered all of the questions he needed to.

    One other thing: some of those questions were pretty stupid.

    (And in other news, Selig says everyone else is to blame for the steroid era but him.)