A-Rod Press Conference Reaction

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If you missed it, a transcript is available here.

I believe Alex in regard to the extent of his steroid use. It seems perfectly logical that he started taking steroids in 2001 and stopped about when testing began. I wish that he would have owned up to knowing that what he was doing was wrong, but his explanation does make some sense in that regard. That was an era where players asked less about what they were taking, because there were no consequences to be suffered should you be caught.

Ultimately, whatever Alex said was sure to be criticized by the erudite likes of Mike Francesa, Billy Ripken, and Harold Reynolds. He did his best to explain the whole situation, and I hope that with some time, the story may fade into the background. Spring training has begun, and I am psyched for a great 2009!

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  1. Ok two things:
    1) Who is that gigantic man standing far right in the photo? Is that humberto sanchez?
    2) Why didnt joba have to shave his gritbeard?

  2. I think it’s enough, he said a lot more of any PED user so far. The problem it’s his credibility. If you have to hire that many advisors to tell the truth, it doesn’t look genuine. You should tell the truth as integral part of your character not from an advice.

  3. Do you know that in the Dominican “cousin” or “primo” (in spanish) is not only the son of your aunts and uncles? Actually you call that way a pal. I know this as a fact. So it could be anyone. Bad from Arod to introduce another piece of information that the press is going to be looking for.

    Enrique Rojas from ESPN Deportes, who knows many of Arod´s pals, doesn´t know any cousin close to him. http://espndeportes.espn.go.com/blogs/index?entryID=776494&name=enrique_rojas

  4. I cant believe you go for this baloney. He didnt know it was steroids? Didnt know it was wrong but still kept it secret from players and team doctors/trainers? He started because of contract pressure in Texas but when he comes to the biggest pressure cooker in pro sports he stops? It was over the counter? In the dominican! Its not even attainable in the US with a prescription!! He keeps on apologizing for being young and stupid as if we are suppposed to believe he wasnt trying to cheat. I am ashamed that he is a Yankee and am shocked that you dont see through this obvious garbage. Take off your Yankees hat and be objective!!

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  6. I have not listened to Francesa in months. I find him terribly boring on his own. These questions are legitimate no matter how hard you want to believe they dont exist and it was going to be the media reaction either way. That is silly.

    He is full of contradictions. He had no answer for why he kept it secret if he didnt think it was wrong. The best he could do was say good question. That is hardly an amendment. The over the counter argument is stupid as can be. He had to know it was illegal in the US or he wouldnt have had to smuggle them into the country through his “cousin”. You have no reason to assume that a liar and cheater is lying about when he used? Give him the benefit of the doubt that his cheating was neatly confined to 3 years in Texas and stopped right when he came to the biggest stage? You should care about his motivations because he is lying straight to your face!! and you continue to give him the benefit of the doubt. Ridiculous.

    I want this to go away as much as you do. I dont think we can win the WS without a very productive Alex. But dont ignore the facts. Alex comes off insincere because he is just that. Why does he need a pr firm and advisors to tell the darn truth? Or is it possible hes hiding a thing or two?

    As far as the media,they dont have an anti alex agenda. Its not the medias fault he makes theyre job easy by hanging out with strippers and maddona and not hitting in the playoffs. The media loves the guy. He is an instant story.

    I would love for it to be just about baseball but with Alex it never is. And he always compounds the problem with foolish comments and this time is no different.

  7. I am not even getting into the “Selena Roberts broke into my house” garbage. Now he says he misunderstood but really it was just a police report not a citation. But he told Gammons that he has the paper with him! Is he still young and stupid so he does not know how to read?
    And then the Katie Couric Baloney. His people set up the interview that now makes him look ridiculous,and he lied straight to her face and the rest of America! To smooth over this blatant lie he gives this BS psychosis of(enter whiny feminine voice here)I wasnt being truthfull to myself so how could I have been with Katie? If you cant smell this out you must be deaf in the nose.
    I really do hope this thing will end quickly. I root for the uniform either way but he makes it extremely extremely hard.

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