Red Sox Owner Calls For Cap

The little engine that could Boston Red Sox are not happy about the Yankees’ spending spree this Winter, and their owner, John Henry, has gone as far as recommending a salary cap.

Henry said Wednesday he thinks all owners would support an “enlightened” salary cap to improve competitive balance and that players might agree. He did not give details.

This isn’t the first time Henry’s called for such measures.

Exactly five years earlier, Henry called for a salary cap when the Yankees obtained Alex Rodriguez in a trade with Texas after the Red Sox failed to complete a trade for him.

At that time, he advocated a cap to deal with a team that he said has far more resources than any other team.

Guess the timing was just a coincidence. I wonder what his suggestion for a cap number would be now. I’d guess it would be somewhere hovering above Boston’s $135-145 million projected payroll for 2009.

8 thoughts on “Red Sox Owner Calls For Cap

  1. A cap based on last years revenue numbers and the NFL system would have a floor around 100 million, with the average team being at 120. Basically, Henry wants the teams that get his money in revenue sharing to spend it on their teams, and wants to cap the Yankees while not changing his operation one bit. I am stunned!!!! I mean, a move that leaves him to do what he has been doing while handicapping his competitor? Shocking!!

  2. Well, I’m just amazed that those underdogs are able to compete. Can you imagine? They only have the 2nd highest payroll in the game.

  3. It’s amazing — he wants a salary cap in the years that he loses a free agent to the Yanks — but did’t have any comments about a cap on spending the year that he posted $80 mill just for the right to talk to Matsuzaka

  4. That was the best when the Marlins’ president demanded a salary cap because of the Yankees’ Spending. I’m sure the owner of the Marlins called him up and labeled him an idiot….the Marlins would have to pump about $80 million into the team for that to happen.

  5. How is a salary cap going to make it more competitive? One of the lowest salaried teams went the world series last season and will be good again this year.

    I’m tired of hearing from the 29th poorest team.

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