Yes, it’s Primobolan

From Tyler Kepner (The NY Times):

It is not clear what substance Rodriguez was referring to when he said that he had used the drug “known on the streets as boli or bollee.” Rodriguez said his cousin bought the drug legally in the Dominican Republic.

“I’ve never heard of this name for a drug,” Gary Wadler, an internist and member of the World Anti-Doping Agency, said in a telephone interview. “It seems to me that it sounds like it could be Primobolan.”

I’m surprised people are still unclear as to what A-Rod was referring to when he said that he used “Boli.” It was clearly Primobolan, right?

3 thoughts on “Yes, it’s Primobolan

  1. Yeah, it makes perfect sense. What else would it be? I’m also surprised with how many problems people are having with Ripped Fuel. I’ve heard it referred to as about 10 different things.

    • To be honest, I actually used Ripped Fuel as a teenager (when I started lifting weights in high school) and never thought much of it. I didn’t know about the side effects and discontinued its use after I got dizzy after a workout. I guess I’m officially ineligible for the blogging HOF now…

  2. Does anybody have a link to a photo of Hank at the press conference?

    BTW, Felix Lopez looks like a mafia/mob-boss/gangster…