Report IDs A-Rod’s ‘Cousin Vinny’

Not surprisingly, it did not take long for the mainstream media to identify and locate the mysterious cousin who Alex Rodriguez said assisted him in obtaining steroids from the Dominican Republic during his Tuesday performance press conference.


On Tuesday, when Rodriguez said in a nationally televised news conference from New York Yankees spring training in Tampa, Fla., that it was his cousin who provided and injected him with performance enhancing drugs, it was [Yuri] Sucart to whom Rodriguez was referring, Sucart’s wife, Carmen, confirmed to ESPN on Wednesday night.

And from an anonymous source:

“Yuri was a mule, not a guy who would initiate anything,” a friend once close to Rodriguez said Wednesday. “He did what Alex told him to. He was only looking out for Alex. He is not a guy who would take the initiative to go out and buy drugs. Alex said during the press conference that his cousin just did what was asked — that is perfect for Yuri’s MO. He is a person who would be with him forever, a loyal guy without a bad bone in his body.”


“He was very, very careful,” a source close to the cousins said. “He would not incriminate Alex. If they got into a fight, he’d say Alex was an [expletive] but would never say what the argument was about.”

What makes everyone think this Yuri character would be willing to give up any information regarding his involvement with A-Rod’s steroid scandal? There is zero chance the authorities attempt to pursue any charges against Sucart or Rodriguez.

4 thoughts on “Report IDs A-Rod’s ‘Cousin Vinny’

  1. Moshe Mandel

    Those intrepid reporters!!! Now that we know who the cousin is, we can leave this story alone, because it seems that Alex was telling the truth!!! We can all move on, right?? Right????!!????? SIgh…..

  2. Casanova Wong

    Apparently the daily news went down to the DR and purchased the roids he did. Now his story checks out even more. Think we’ll see any sort of retraction or something that addresses how all the msm said he was lying? Doubtful they’re as unaccountable as a motherf*cker. (Motherf*ckers being notoriously unaccountable of course.)

    • Moshe Mandel

      Ha! They will just say that A-Rod found someone to be his fall guy.

      • Casanova Wong

        To be completely honest that was my first thought when I heard about this cousin character. I figured Arod cut the guy a check for a few hundred grand and said “Primo you used to inject me with some crazy stuff you bought from a sketchy pharmacy down in the Dominican. You’re not gonna get in any trouble and at most the press will track you down and ask you to corroborate the story. Heres your dinero, see you at christmas”

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