A-Rod, Ortiz & Pedro Linked To Roid Trainer

According to a story NY Daily News released today, an infamous “steroid-linked trainer” spent the entire 2007 season in close proximity to Alex Rodriguez during his MVP year.

The article also links the trainer to such star players as Vladimir Guerrero, Pedro Martinez and David Ortiz, who only days earlier talked tough about implementing harsher penalties for PED users.

Angel Presinal, who was banned from private areas of every MLB ballpark after an October 2001 incident involving an unmarked gym bag full of steroids, has been tight with the Yankee slugger dating back to his time with the Texas Rangers, several sources said.

A former New York-area scout says Presinal, whose named surfaced in the Mitchell Report, was with Rodriguez in New York and Miami as recently as this past fall.


Another source said Presinal accompanied A-Rod for the entire 2007 season, staying in the same hotel as the A.L. MVP, but in a separate room with the “cousin” Rodriguez pegged three days ago as his steroid source from 2001-03.

In 2001, traveling with the Cleveland Indians as Juan Gonzalez’s personal trainer, Presinal was stopped at a Toronto airport and found to be carrying a duffel bag full of steroids. Presinal told authorities the bag belonged to Gonzalez but its contents could not be proven to belong to either man and the case was dismissed.

However, since the incident Presinal’s been banned from MLB private property.

The article then mentions a bevy of household names linked to Presinal:

In addition to A-Rod, Presinal has worked with some of the game’s biggest stars: Juan Gonzalez, Pedro Martinez, David Ortiz, Vladimir Guerrero, Bartolo Colon, Miguel Tejada, Adrian Beltre, Moises Alou, Jose Guillen, Ervin Santana, Ruben Sierra, Francisco Cordero, Jose Mesa and Juan Guzman, among others.

Should it come out that Rodriguez was using as late as 2007, it will be hard to believe the struggling third baseman could ever recover. In the meantime, however, it’s time for some of the other players allegedly linked to this trainer to answer the tough questions.

6 thoughts on “A-Rod, Ortiz & Pedro Linked To Roid Trainer

  1. This story was written in an unfair manner. From different articles on this case, it seems that Juan Gonzalez tried to pin his steroids on the trainer, something that didn’t stick. Further, it seems that many Latin players used his training facility in DR, so that a connection to him, an ALLEGED steroid trainer, is really not all that incriminating.

  2. All I know is if A-Rod is ever found to have used steroids in 2007, or with the Yankees, in general, I will boo the shit out of him for the rest of his career. It wouldn’t even be because of the steroids. It would be a result of the lying.

    • I think that I would boo at first as well, but I just want them to win. If he leads them to a World Series, I can’t see myself holding that stuff against him.

  3. This garbage just won’t go away will it? If the vultures, excuse me, I mean the media actually prove that Arod used steroids in 2007, that shouldn’t even be the biggest story. The biggest story would be that the MLB Drug Testing Program is worthless. And Bud would absolutely have to take responsibility if that was the case.

    Also since this trainer story could potentially open up a whole can of worms for many other MLB players, I expect this to disappear quickly without further evidence.

  4. This story is old. I remember reading about it when it actually happened. The new part of the story is that this guy is linked to Arod. But he’s already been linked to so many ball players I don’t see how it’s that big a deal. Like Moshe said, it seems like he’s linked to every dominican ball player. Although I would be more surprised if one of those guys wasn’t juicing than if I had confirmation they were.