Suspension in A-Rod’s future?

From ESPN (1050 New York):

1050 ESPN New York has learned, it is possible that Alex Rodriguez could be suspended by the Commissioner’s Office depending on what MLB investigators were to find out about A-Rod’s relationship with shady trainer Angel Presinal. The Daily News reports that Presinal has traveled with Rodriguez in recent seasons. Presinal was banned from private areas of MLB clubhouses since October, 2001.

I guess if Alex had Presinal around the clubhouse in 2007 then a suspension could actually occur since he was supposedly banned. However, at the same time, A-Rod was reportedly very secretive about his meetings with Presinal and only met with him outside of the clubhouse. You can connect such discreteness to steroid use but as David Ortiz noted, Presinal, particularly in the DR, is seen as a great trainer, so maybe Alex chose to continue seeing him for that reason and attempted to keep the meetings low-key because of Presinal’s clubhouse ban.

Either way, I don’t think much will come from the meeting. In addition, the MLB investigators will also discuss A-Rod’s relationship with his cousin, Yuri Sucart, though Alex can’t actually be punished for steroid use in 2003. The meeting is expected to take place at some point over the next few weeks, before he joins the Dominican team in the WBC (in Tampa).

3 thoughts on “Suspension in A-Rod’s future?

  1. I don’t see how they could suspend arod for just associating with the guy. As long as he did not meet in the club house or other restricted areas I don’t see what the problem is.

  2. Exactly, Rob. It seems like it’s just purposeful speculation designed to make the MLB look like they care about what occurred. I don’t think he’ll be punished at all.

    I wonder, how do they enforce those clubhouse bans? If a player shows up with his own personal trainer and that trainer is not supposed to be there, who kicks him out?

  3. You cannot suspend a guy for suspicion. Arod didn’t fail any tests and should not be suspended.