Sunday Reads: CC, Swish, A.J., Kelleher

Here are a few interesting reads to kick off the day:

1. Steve Serby of the NY Post has a nice Q & A out with the big lefty, CC Sabathia. Apparently, CC really likes President Obama, Jay-Z, Jackie Robinson and Michael Jordan. That’s certainly a nice group.

2. Wallace Mathews (Newsday) brings us a good read on the versatile Nick Swisher. Swisher’s personality could be characterized as “highly vibrant.” He’s enjoying his time with the team and has brought a bit of craziness that was thought to be gone with Jason Giambi’s departure. Hopefully the Yankees keep him around.

3. A.J. Burnett is very aware of his injury-prone past and is looking to stay out of the trainer’s room and off the DL in 2009. Burnett attributes much of his development (over the past 3 seasons, in particular) to Roy Halladay, who essentially served as a mentor of sorts and taught A.J. how to stay healthy between starts.

4. Finally, Mick Kelleher, Bobby Meacham’s replacement, sounds like a very nice guy and should connect with the guys in the clubhouse. He’s also knows Robinson Cano very well.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Reads: CC, Swish, A.J., Kelleher

  1. As long as Kelleher does not send 80 guys to an ignominious fate at the plate in the first month, he will be better than Meacham.

    • Every time A-Rod rounded third I would hold my breathe. Meacham held a lot of guys up too, randomly, and I thought they were all going to get hurt and pull a muscle or something.

  2. Meacham was a clown out there, clueless.He cost us ball games.

    A.J. will probably stay healthy and have a great season.He and Pettitte will both have better years than fans expect.Pettitte obviously wasn’t in shape last Spring and it showed the second half when the bottom fell out.
    If we beat Bosox 2 more times and lose 2 less to Toronto because AJ is here, that alone could make the difference next season.
    If AJ ends up for a short time on the DL, there are plenty of options, with Hughes obviously first on line.