Swisher’s role

From Tyler Kepner (NY Times):

With Damon entrenched in the leadoff spot, Girardi is left with Swisher or Nady for right field. Girardi could opt for a rotation of sorts, using Swisher’s versatility as a switch-hitter who can also play first base, but he said he would rather not do that.

“I’m not anticipating that,” Girardi said. “I would really like to have the same lineup as many days as possible as we can. We had a hard time doing that last year.”

Girardi’s admission — that he will attempt to put the same product out on the field for every game — means that Nick Swisher will likely be the Yankees’ fourth outfielder, as the team has demonstrated a commitment to Xavier Nady after last season. Here’s Swisher’s take on the situation.

“I don’t mind doing whatever,” Swisher said. “I just want to be a part of what we’re doing over here. And if this team comes together, I think we have a chance to do something very, very special.”

While I’d like to see Swish get as many AB’s as possible, he’ll essentially serve as a bench-bat. Of course, he’ll see time in the field when Nady and Damon need a day off (don’t expect too many Teixeira off-days), but his primary goal, again, will be as a reserve OF. Obviously, when you consider the fragility of both Damon and Matsui, that’s not really a bad thing. The Yankees could use the depth and he’ll be a valuable weapon regardless of the role.

5 thoughts on “Swisher’s role

  1. Although I would love to wail about this due to the fact that I wanted a rotation, the fact is that there will certainly be injuries. These things tend to work themselves out, and the worst thing that could happen is that we have an effective bench.

  2. I think Nady has won the job or should win it, IMO… If you extrapolate his stats (with the Yanks only) over the season, he would have been around .270 with 32 HR’s and 110 RBI… couple that with the “incentive” of this being his walk year, I expect very good things from him in 2009. his D is pretty good too.

  3. I’d rather have Swisher get the lion’s share of PAs. I hope that whoever the starting corner OFs are, they get at least i day off a week.

    • I’m curious why you feel that way. I prefer Nady myself, being that their career OPS+ are very similar and Nady is coming off a much better year. There is definitely a case for Swish, what is it that makes you want him to get the job?

      • He’s a better hitter and was unlucky last year. His BABIP was extremely low and his LD rate was the highest it has ever been (I believe). He’s actually a better defensive player, too.