WBC rosters finalized

The WBC rosters have been finalized.


However, how are Jose Veras and Edwar Ramirez playing for the DR? I thought they both opted out (neither of them knew that they were on the provisional roster)? Plus, Edwar is injured, so I don’t know how that effects things, either.

In addition, Damaso Marte is also on the DR team’s final roster. Recently, Marte has been dealing with some minor hamstring issues and was cleared to participate in baseball activities only yesterday.

Stay healthy, boys.

5 thoughts on “WBC rosters finalized

  1. Moshe Mandel

    I think Marte will play, the others wont.

    • Chris H.

      Hope his hammy holds up. We paid good money for those situational matchups.

    • Alex

      Well that would pretty much wipe out our bullpen for half of spring training so hopefully your right.

      • Moshe Mandel

        Thankfully the depth that we have might even be able to cover that many losses and not suffer too badly.

        • Chris H.

          Definitely. It’s nice not worrying about the bullpen.

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