A-Rod Called His Shot?

According to Pete Caldera of The Record, Alex Rodriguez told the Yankees PR director he would hit a home run in his second at bat.

[W]ord from Yankees P.R. man Jason Zillo that Alex Rodriguez called his home run in the dugout. During batting practice, A-Rod told Zillo that he’d hit one during his second at-bat — and then he did.

Within the same post comes word that Mr. Invisible Hank Steinbrenner told Reggie Jackson to relay a message to the embattled Yankees third baseman. The message? “Hit the damn ball.”

What a master of motivation:

[A] few minutes ago Reggie Jackson related a story from his dinner with A-Rod last night. On Tuesday afternoon, a stern Hank Steinbrenner told Mr. October to relay a message to Mr. Rodriguez: “You tell him to hit the damn ball, and hit it when it matters.”

Reggie’s advice was a bit more practical:

“My dad said you can control the story as long as you have a chance to hit. Edit your own story with the bat. As long as he does that, he has a chance to change things around him.”

5 thoughts on “A-Rod Called His Shot?

  1. “You tell him to hit the damn ball, and hit it when it matters.”

    Is it just me or is the implicit message “It’s ok to goof off when it doesn’t matter.”?