Playing The Over/Under

Vegas Watch has the MLB team wins over/under odds for the 2009 season up. The numbers, and my picks:

  • Arizona- 86.5 – Over
  • Atlanta- 84.5 – Over
  • Baltimore- 74.5 – Under
  • Boston- 94.5 – Under
  • Chicago C- 94.5 – Over
  • Chicago W- 76.5 – Over (though its about right)
  • Cincinnati- 76.5 – Under
  • Cleveland- 83 – Over
  • Colorado- 76.5 – Over
  • Detroit- 79.5 – Under
  • Florida- 75.5 – Under
  • Houston- 74.5 – Under
  • Kansas City- 75.5 – Over
  • LA Angels- 87.5 – Over
  • LA Dodgers- 84.5 – Over
  • Milwaukee- 85.5 – Under
  • Minnesota- 79.5 – Over
  • NY Mets- 90.5 – Under
  • NY Yankees- 96 – Over
  • Oakland- 81.5 – Over
  • Philadelphia- 87.5 – Under
  • Pittsburgh- 66.5 – Over
  • San Diego- 67.5 – Under
  • San Francisco- 77.5 – Over
  • Seattle- 72.5 – Under
  • St. Louis- 83.5 – Under
  • Tampa Bay- 89.5 – Over
  • Texas- 81.5 – Over
  • Toronto- 81.5 – Under
  • Washington- 68.5 – Over

Your thoughts?

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4 thoughts on “Playing The Over/Under

  1. My changes- Baltimore, Cincy, Detroit, Florida, Houston all over, Yankees, Tampa, and Texas under. No one is winning more than 95 games in the AL East.

  2. Glad to see someone else thinks the Red Sox are poised for a down year. They’re still a very good team, but I see them ending up at around 92 wins.

    Big Papi should be back to 100% for this year, but you don’t know that. Even if he is, he won’t have Manny protection anymore and the days of him hitting 40+ HRs are likely done. If JD Drew’s back remains a problem and/or Lowell is a diminished after hip surgery at 35, then they have some serious lineup issues.

    Beckett is starting to break down, Dice-K can’t keep up his high wire act without turning into Hideo Nomo part 2, and Penny was awful last year (in the NL West) and has yet to have the shoulder surgery. I’d like them more if they told me Masterson was going to be their #5, but apparently they want him to shore up the bullpen.

    I think the Smoltz and Baldelli signings were insurance policies for their fears over JD Drew and the various pitching questions. And who knows what either of those two have left.

    • Yeah, the Red Sox have as many questions and flaws as the Yankees. They need just as many things to go right.

  3. Wishing for a decline in the Rays or Rsox is wistful thinking. They along with the Yanks will be in it to the end. All the teams in the East are a bit better then last year, therefore expecting 95 wins is a bit much (as you corrected). By being better; I mean counting the AL, not just the East. Unless injuries hit teams in the East, I think whomever comes out on top, has to be a favorite to go all the way.
    The Yanks have a slight edge over the Rays and Rsox in head to head meetings, I think…hopefully that will continue this year.