Hughes hopes

From Bryan Hoch (MLB):

“I feel like if I can stay healthy and pitch well wherever I’m at, I’ll do pretty well,” Hughes said. “I’m just trying to get ready, and if I do go to Triple-A, I’ll just be working there to get back up.”

I’m a huge Phil Hughes fan, however, I’m also one of those guys who believes he is an injury-prone pitcher. Yes, none of the injuries have been of the arm variety — that’s true — though I would argue that the injuries he has succumbed to (rib, hamstring), have been caused by poor mechanics. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him spend time on the DL again in 2009. Obviously, I’m hoping that doesn’t happen, but it’s not outside the realm of possibility.

7 thoughts on “Hughes hopes

  1. I think that this will be the year that he stays healthy, although I think he will spend most of it in the minors.

    • Why is the hamstring a freak injury? It occurred in the act of pitching. If he shifts his weight improperly, he can pull hammy’s and it will be due to bad mechanics.

    • Hughes himself has said that he “reached down for something extra” when throwing that curve (to Teixeira) which caused him to overstride. That caused the hamstring pull.

  2. I have a question why is Hughes so unfairly scrutinized and why dont I hear the same complaints about Baily-Bucholz-Hughe is youngest of the there. All were the same calibur of prospect in 2006. Hughes is still 23 right and with Joba-cc-Burnett and Wang he can be a number 2 quaity starter in the five spot

    • I agree about Hughes’ talent, although I disagree with your comment about Bailey and Buchholz. Both of those guys have been heavily scrutinized while Hughes has managed to stay above the fray. He still has his share of believers in the Yankee organization, whereas the Reds have almost given up on Bailey and Buchholz was almost traded over the winter. Now, don’t get me wrong, those guys are still valuable to their organizations, however, their stock has dropped considerably and people have noted that.