Obstructed-view seating not worth $12

Here’s what Yankee COO Lonn Trost had to say, yesterday, when asked about the partial-view bleacher seats in the new Yankee Stadium:

Is it true there are seats in the bleachers from which you can’t see parts of the field? “Yes, but we will have TVs in the walls there.”

That’s not the same thing as seeing it live, is it? “We had a choice of selling it to somebody or not. If you come to the stadium you’ll see there are TVs in the walls. [Some views are obstructed] a little bit, but for $12 it’s a choice of taking it or not.”

It appears as though Trost is signing a different tune, today:

The price of watching a fraction of Yankees games dropped to a fraction of its original cost yesterday, with obstructed-view bleacher seats abruptly falling from $12 per game to $5.

Lonn Trost, the team’s chief operating officer, made the announcement during an interview on WFAN. The ticket price applies to about 600 seats on either side of a sports bar that extends to the centerfield wall.

“Those seats are being sold at $5, not $12,” he said. “I think some seats may have gone out improperly invoiced. Those are going to be corrected, but those 600 seats are going to be $5.”

To be honest, I would pay $12 to go to the new stadium and sit in a partial-view seat. It would be an awkward experience, but hey, that’s just me. I can always walk around and watch the game from different areas of the park. I’m sure that security could hinder such an idea, but with the stadium’s new features, there are a lot of ways to watch a ballgame that don’t necessarily include sitting at your seat.

One thought on “Obstructed-view seating not worth $12

  1. Agreed- people seem to be suggesting that it would be better for them to not have those seats than have obstructed view seats. No one is forcing anyone to buy them.