Jorge regaining his power stroke

Jorge Posada hit a homer and a double in yesterday’s 5-1 win over the Rays. Both hits were big for the Yankees, not in terms of a win, really, but because they demonstrate that Posada’s shoulder is healing well after the severe shoulder injury which sapped him of his power in 2008.

Here’s Posada’s take on last season’s difficulties.

“I don’t want to say it was a lazy swing, but there was no extension,” Posada said. “I wasn’t able to drive the ball righty or lefty, because the shoulder was weak. It was just a really messed-up swing.”

Although Girardi tried to keep Posada around to DH after his season-ending injury, not only did that idea fail (and I’m not blaming Girardi for that), but it also cost the Yankees now, as Jorge’s rehab is coming down to the wire. If he had received treatment (surgery) earlier, rather than trying to play through the issue, he could have been further along in the recovery process.

2 thoughts on “Jorge regaining his power stroke

  1. The most important news out of spring training so far. If Jorge’s shoulder wasn’t a lot better, he wouldn’t be able to crush the ball like that.