Cashman: Not a Top GM?

Beyond the Boxscore recently polled their writers for their choices as to the top GM’s of the last 10 years. The results were interesting, with the 5 writers each making 5 selections, and coming out with a top of the list that went as follows: Beane, Epstein, Friedman, Schuerholtz, and Shapiro. Brian Cashman did not receive a single vote, and I find that to be a bit silly.

The argument against Cashman is that anyone could win with the budget that he has. While that seems make sense, the fact that high payroll clubs miss the playoffs all the time seems to suggest that it is not so simple to achieve the level of consistent success that Cashman has attained. Why exactly would I take the resume of someone like Shapiro, who has had one team go past the first round of the playoffs, over Cashman? Friedman walked into a very good situation, with years of draft picks piled up in the Rays farm system when he took over.

I think the strongest argument for Cashman is the following. Over the relevant 10 year period, if you exclude Shuerholtz, Brian’s teams have had just as many championships and only one less division title than the other four clubs combined. You can argue as to where he belongs on the list, but for him to not receive one vote is ridiculous.

Do you agree?

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  1. He is the GM of the Yankees, therefore, he can do no right! Building this juggernaut is so easy, anyone could do it! I mean he has $mmmmm$ of the stuff to spend…and he still gets it wrong…see, Pavano, Johnson and Roger!
    Cash is a good GM, he has had to carry the water for the front office/Tampa, lo’ these many years. Look at the farm system, look at the older players we were able to let go, look at the players we replaced them with.
    None can read the future but…as of now, the team is solid for the first time in many years.

  2. I would rather have Beane, Shapiro, Epstien, and Schuerholz before Cashman. The Friedman thing is indeed silly. Its also worth noting that Schuerholz is not the gm of the Braves anymore he is the team president with Frank Wren the gm. If you include Schuerholz in the list I would say Cashman is 5th. 2 years ago I would not have Cash in my top 5 as he would have been ousted by Schuerholz, Terry ryan, and Pat Gillick. Im a big fan of Kevin Towers and Walt Jockettey as well. Its close. Towers has done amazing things with zero money and Jockettey also had payroll constraints with the Cards. They spent but not like the Yankees. You could not hide Igawa Etc in St. louis. Its pretty close with Cashman, Jockettey, and Towers.

  3. I don’t think any of those guys would have been able to handle the atmosphere Cash has had to put up with…their egos’ are to big.
    Cash has had to fight for every move he made (lost a few, also). The 1st time his contract was up, he damn near quit. Stin. offered him the power he needed to do the job and he jumped at it. Since that time he has done as well as the long term contracts have allowed. Has he made mistakes, yes but…so have all of those you (and others) have mentioned. Mistakes are a way of life in that business, one can never tell what will happen…only what is, see Pavano.
    Shapiro makes a mistake and they say ; “Opss, that’s a bad move!” Cash make a questionable decision and the world comes to an end…double standards anyone?

  4. I don’t think he’s anything above average. He inherited a great team & clubhouse from Buck & Stick. He’s added a lot of salary and players without improving the team that much.
    I think the chief criticism is pretty accurate: a good GM could have had a lot better team with all of that salary.
    Under his stewardship’ we’ve had some really atrocious benches, and made some truly strange personnel decisions.
    (Not trading Ramiro Mendoza for Edmonds because ‘Joe told me Mendoza is more valuable to the Yankees’and signing Sterling Hitchcock to a big 2-year contract quickly leap to mind.)

  5. I have long viewed Cashman as one of the worst GM’S in all of Baseball.That being said, this years actions by him have been pretty much perfect, which is why the Red Sox are crying like babies.They know Baseball there and they know Cash & the Yanks finally made some correct moves.

  6. His success speaks for itself, although I’m sure there are more than 5 guys I would pick to be the GM of my team before him if I could.

  7. Moshe, I could not disagree more. Cashman is not top five, nor is he close. See his signees below. He has acquired a Torre sized ego. Its not about you Brian!

    1. Randy Johnson
    2. Carl Pavano
    3. Kevin Brown
    4. Jaret Wright
    5. Kei Igawa

  8. The Yankees aren’t just another high-payroll team. $200MM should buy 100-105 wins every year. That they don’t is a mark against management. Now, certainly the Steinbrenners don’t give Cashman full control, but his decisions aren’t overly impressive. In my book, he’s middle of the pack with the potential to be higher if given a chance to really show his stuff.

    In judging GMs you have to give *significant* though to payroll.

    Thanks for the link.