Suspension in A-Rod’s future?

From ESPN (1050 New York):

1050 ESPN New York has learned, it is possible that Alex Rodriguez could be suspended by the Commissioner’s Office depending on what MLB investigators were to find out about A-Rod’s relationship with shady trainer Angel Presinal. The Daily News reports that Presinal has traveled with Rodriguez in recent seasons. Presinal was banned from private areas of MLB clubhouses since October, 2001.

I guess if Alex had Presinal around the clubhouse in 2007 then a suspension could actually occur since he was supposedly banned. However, at the same time, A-Rod was reportedly very secretive about his meetings with Presinal and only met with him outside of the clubhouse. You can connect such discreteness to steroid use but as David Ortiz noted, Presinal, particularly in the DR, is seen as a great trainer, so maybe Alex chose to continue seeing him for that reason and attempted to keep the meetings low-key because of Presinal’s clubhouse ban.

Either way, I don’t think much will come from the meeting.… Click here to read the rest

CC has the flu…

From Bryan Hoch:

Sabathia had been scheduled to pitch to hitters for the second time this spring at 11:55 a.m. on Field 2 of the George M. Steinbrenner Field training complex.

Yankees manager Joe Girardi said that Sabathia wanted to throw the session but vomited and was permitted to leave camp.

The “vomit” bit was probably unnecessary, but hey, thanks for the info.… Click here to read the rest

Girardi getting to know Cano

According to the skipper himself, Joe Girardi, this season, has a better understanding of current second baseman, Robinson Cano. Hopefully, this understanding will allow him to manage Cano in an effective manner, as he needs all the help he can get. The same article points out that Cano has been working hard in the offseason in order to add muscle to his thin frame

You know, Jeff Francoeur did the same thing (add muscle) last year. Let’s hope that Cano doesn’t turn out the way he did…… Click here to read the rest

Carsten > Karstens

From the Bradenton Herald:

A new uniform results in new opportunities for guys such as Karstens and Ohlendorf — unlike the pitchers’ previous employer, Pittsburgh is unlikely to throw truckloads of money to free-agent pitchers such as CC Sabathia and A.J. Burnett.

“It’s two different organizations — one’s going in a route to buy it, one’s going in a route to develop from within,” Karstens said. “I’m happy to be here.”

Karstens was a good guy to have around, but he’ll obviously have better opportunities to show what he can do (it’s not much) with the pitching starved Pirates. In fact, he and Ross Ohlendorf could possibly make the rotation if they perform well this spring.

When you think about the NadyMarte trade, those guys were basically throw-away players. However, I’m wondering, what will happen if Nady ends up being overthrown by Nick Swisher? Jose Tabata was also part of that trade (along with Daniel McCutchen) and if he becomes a superstar in Pittsburgh while Nady ends up injured, ineffective, or in a platoon, that could look like a bad move by Brian Cashman.… Click here to read the rest

Damon and Nady struggling financially?

From Ken Rosenthal (FOX Sports):

Johnny Damon, earning $13 million this season, cannot pay his bills.

Xavier Nady, earning $6.55 million, cannot purchase an apartment in New York.

The Stanford Financial Group scandal extends to Major League Baseball.

The issues facing Damon and Nady — both New York Yankees outfielders and both clients of agent Scott Boras — stem from the alleged $8 billion fraud scheme involving billionaire financier Robert Allen Stanford.

Damon, 35, and Nady, 30, told on Friday morning that their finances are frozen because of money they have with a Stanford company.

On Monday, the Securities and Exchange Commission froze all assets of three entities — Stanford International Bank, Stanford Group Co., and Stanford Capital Management — all managed by Robert Allen Stanford. Those were the only three entities whose assets were frozen, according to the SEC filing.

“I can’t pay bills right now,” Damon said at the Yankees’ spring training facility in Tampa. “That started on Tuesday.

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Yankees and the World Baseball Classic

Chad Jennings checks in with the list of Yankees that are on WBC provisional rosters, as well as his thoughts on their participation/opting out. The list of players:

Alfredo Aceves
Melky Cabrera
Robinson Cano
Frank Cervelli
Derek Jeter
Kai Liu and Zhenwang Zhang
Damaso Marte
Edwar Ramirez
Alex Rodriguez
Jahdiel Santamaria
Jorge Vazquez
Jose Veras

Veras, Edwar, Melky, and Aceves have already pulled out, all prudent moves considering that they will be fighting for jobs in spring training. The rest of the players are unlikely to alter their standing with the club no matter what they do this spring, and should therefore take the opportunity to represent their country. It seems that every day you hear about another star player opting out, which could diminish what should be an excellent event. Hopefully some of the superstar caliber talents remain involved, and we can see some exciting baseball a month early.… Click here to read the rest

A-Rod, Ortiz & Pedro Linked To Roid Trainer

According to a story NY Daily News released today, an infamous “steroid-linked trainer” spent the entire 2007 season in close proximity to Alex Rodriguez during his MVP year.

The article also links the trainer to such star players as Vladimir Guerrero, Pedro Martinez and David Ortiz, who only days earlier talked tough about implementing harsher penalties for PED users.

Angel Presinal, who was banned from private areas of every MLB ballpark after an October 2001 incident involving an unmarked gym bag full of steroids, has been tight with the Yankee slugger dating back to his time with the Texas Rangers, several sources said.

A former New York-area scout says Presinal, whose named surfaced in the Mitchell Report, was with Rodriguez in New York and Miami as recently as this past fall.


Another source said Presinal accompanied A-Rod for the entire 2007 season, staying in the same hotel as the A.L. MVP, but in a separate room with the “cousin” Rodriguez pegged three days ago as his steroid source from 2001-03.

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