Jeter: Not Everybody Was Doing It

Derek Jeter apparently had his own steroids related press conference today, and was a lot more open about the issue than he has ever been about, well, anything. After supporting Alex Rodriguez and commending him for owning up to his mistake, Derek had the following to say about the notion that “everybody was doing it:”


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Red Sox Owner Calls For Cap

The little engine that could Boston Red Sox are not happy about the Yankees’ spending spree this Winter, and their owner, John Henry, has gone as far as recommending a salary cap.

Henry said Wednesday he thinks all owners would support an “enlightened” salary cap to improve competitive balance and that players might...

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Depth Report: Catcher

Chad Jennings recently did a round up of all the catchers in camp this spring. Its excellent, you should read it.

The Yankees have a ton of depth at the catcher position. The depth chart, in order of closeness to the majors:

  • 1. Francisco Cervelli
  • 2. P.J. Piliterre
  • 3. Kyle Anson
  • 4. Austin Romine
  • 5. Jesus Montero

Piliterre and Cervelli provide...

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Brian Giles?

From the San Diego Union Tribune, by way of MLBTR:

There might be obstacles to getting good value in return for Giles. For one, Giles’ consent is needed for a trade to any of the other 29 clubs. A trade also would raise Giles’ salary to $11 million, via an assignment bonus, lowering the...

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How Could he Not Know What It Was!!

That has been the popular refrain over the last few days among those questioning Alex Rodriguez’s claim that he did not know what he was taking. “A world class athlete, a work out freak, he must know everything that enters his body.” Not so, says Buster Olney:

There is a broad assumption that ballplayers know...

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Yes, it’s Primobolan

From Tyler Kepner (The NY Times):

It is not clear what substance Rodriguez was referring to when he said that he had used the drug “known on the streets as boli or bollee.” Rodriguez said his cousin bought the drug legally in the Dominican Republic.

“I’ve never heard of this name for a drug,” Gary Wadler,...

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Leave A-Rod Alone

Seriously though — reporters can’t get enough

Let’s talk about youthful indiscretion. Jon Heyman and Ben Reiter of SI don’t buy Alex Rodriguez’s notion that he was “young and dumb.” They think he’s trying to blame the steroid use on his age and immaturity rather than fess up...

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Kalk: Sabathia Not An Injury Risk

The incredible Josh Kalk over at THT is doing some fascinating work with Pitchf/x data, and his latest installment is no exception. Although you are going to have to read his article to understand his methodology, the basic gist of the study was to try to utilize the data to better comprehend pitching injuries...

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