Congress regains their senses (for the moment)

Thankfully, the new chairman of the congressional committee that hauled in Clemens, Big Mac and Raffie Palmiero will NOT be dragging ARod in to discuss his admission of PED usage.

The American people need leaders who will focus on stemming job losses and getting credit to flow in the marketplace before hearing from yet another person who cheated both himself and the game of baseball,” said House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform chairman Edolphus Towns, a Democrat from New York.

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And now, Tejada

Lovely. Another day, another PED poop-fest.

Former Baltimore Orioles shortstop Miguel Tejada was charged today with lying to congressional investigators about the use of performance-enhancing drugs in baseball.

Federal prosecutors accused Tejada of making misrepresentations to congressional staffers during an interview in a Baltimore hotel room focusing on the prevalence of steroids in the game.

Says Shyster:

Ya think it’s a coincidence that both this and the A-Rod leak are happening all a couple of weeks before the Bonds trial? I sure don’t. In fact, I can almost see this as an orchestrated operation in order to bolster the opening and closing statements of the Bonds prosecutors. Rather than refer to lies about a raid five years ago, the prosecutor can stand up and say “this was no innocent lie! The headlines in just the past month show that the scourge of steroids is as rampant as ever! Like A-Rod and Tejada, Bonds is a ballplayer who thinks he’s above the law and worked to thwart an important government investigation!”

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Defense is the New Moneyball?

An interesting article for your mental digestion, Yankee fans, by the great Peter Gammons on “Falling back in love with defense” showing that baseball people and fans alike are slowly coming back to the point where defense is now being valued nearly as much as offense. One GM even goes so far as to say, “I still believe that one of the factors that has hurt some of the good offensive free agents this winter, like Manny Ramirez, Bobby Abreu and Adam Dunn, is the concern about how many runs they give back defensively. There is a great deal more Continue reading Defense is the New Moneyball?

Who else is on the list?

Alex Rodriguez has been outed, now, what other names do you think may be featured in the 2003 results (there are 104 in total)? I don’t consider this to be inappropriate speculation, instead, I think it’s only fair for us to wonder about who the other names are since they have yet to be released. If one guy’s name is released, release them all, right? Here are a few players that I think could be on the list. 1. Barry Bonds 2. Bret Boone 3. Jason Giambi 4. Aubrey Huff 5. Bill Mueller 6. Gary Sheffield 7. Javy Lopez 8. Continue reading Who else is on the list?

Dissecting the ARod transcript, pt II

Click here for the transcript on ESPN.

PETER GAMMONS: To talk a little bit about that culture. It was an underground culture. A player said to me last summer that he really believes in that period between about ’98 and 2004, that the players who didn’t do one thing or another were either scared or didn’t care. Do you agree with that?

ALEX RODRIGUEZ: I think you just felt a tremendous need to keep up and to play well. You know, it was hot in Texas every day. It was over a hundred degrees. You know, you felt like, without trying to overinvestigate what you’re taking, can I have an edge just to get out there and play every day? And that’s what it came down to. I can’t speak for everybody who did. I can only speak for myself.

Regardless of what we want to [unintelligible] and say and justify, there’s absolutely no excuse for what I did. I’m sorry. If I was a fan, a fan of mine, a fan of the Rangers, I would be very pissed off. And I can’t take that back. But just realize that I’m sorry, and I want to do things to change.

I want to do things to influence children and realize they should learn from my mistake because, you know, it’s the biggest regret I have in my life because baseball’s given me everything, and I have so much respect.

There will be some people that say, you know, Alex is not a great player, going back to high school, I mean, they’re just going to have this blanket cloud over my career. And for those, they may have their own point, but it feels good coming out and being completely honest and putting it out there and realizing that the more honest we can all be, the quicker we get baseball to where it needs to be.

Channelling his inner McGwire. I will only believe the “influence children” when I see him on anti-steroids ads. Using the Texas heat as an excuse is just lame. Steroids don’t cool your core body temperature. Sure they help recovery and that helps getting out on the field day in and day out, but to use steroids for this purpose is silly.

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Jorge feeling good

Jorge Posada played catch yesterday, throwing 140 times at varying distances. According to Jorge, he’s feeling pretty good and is progressing nicely. Also, speaking of Jorge, he offered a “that’s pretty accurate” of his own, yesterday, when asked if he was one of the 104 players on the now infamous 2003 survey list. From Anthony McCarron (Daily News): When Posada was asked if he worried that his name would get tainted by steroids, he replied, “I hope not. I think I’ve done things right. I don’t think I’ve put anything in my body that could be positive on one of Continue reading Jorge feeling good

PECOTA 2009 Projected Standings

From the WGS Red Sox blog comes the 2009 PECOTA projected standings. PECOTA predicts that three AL teams will win over 90 games. The problem is, all three teams are in the AL East, as you could make a strong argument that the three best teams in all of baseball are Boston, New York, and Tampa. They have Boston with 98 wins, the Yankees with 97, and the Rays in 92. That one win likely represents the poor projections for the Yankees coming off bad seasons and injuries. Other interesting numbers: They have the Al Central going to the Indians Continue reading PECOTA 2009 Projected Standings

Dissecting the ARod transcript, pt I

I listened to the Gammons/ARod interview on the way home. I also watched it again at the gym and again at home afterwards. I have debated what I should do here, in this forum. Repeat what I have said earlier? Get derivative on what the beat writers have to say? Say nothing more and look for other baseball stories? Tear into the transcript and see what happens?

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