Cashman discusses his 2009 rotation

In a phone interview, Brian Cashman spoke candidly with Kat O’Brien (Newsday) about his off-season haul, discussing CC, Burnett and the rotation, in general. Here’s an interesting bit on Burnett.

“This is a guy that our players wanted desperately,” Cashman said of Burnett. “They felt that this guy was a difference-maker. Guys kept banging on...

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Steroids and the Disingenuous Media

Yesterday we learned that A-Rod tested positive for anabolic steroids in 2003. Today, the media vultures are out, picking at the bones of the player that they had previously trumpeted as the great clean hope. Buster Olney believes Alex to be tarnished forever, and luminaries such as John Kruk, Tom Verducci, and Bill Madden feel...

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Aurilia for the bench?

The Yankees need a backup-infielder as Cody Ransom and Angel Berroa are essentially anomalies. RAB has thrown out two very solid ideas for utility players, noting the presence of Mark Grudzielanek, who is an undervalued commodity, as well as Ray Durham, who was one of the better...

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The Jeter-Rodriguez Gulf Widens

Yankees fans are a notoriously fickle bunch. Players who do not fit the mold of the “True Yankee” often find themselves drawing the home crowd’s ire whever they fail, while having their successes glossed over or ignored. Such has been the fate of Alex Rodriguez, as the radio waves and stadium seats are filled with...

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Selena Roberts: Release All Names Or None

Any of my long time readers would know that I think all the commotion over the steroids issue is silly. I’m not going to comment on the A-Rod situation because we don’t know the extent to which he took steroids, the effect on his game that they had, or much else about this whole situation.


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