Obstructed-view seating not worth $12

Here’s what Yankee COO Lonn Trost had to say, yesterday, when asked about the partial-view bleacher seats in the new Yankee Stadium:

Is it true there are seats in the bleachers from which you can’t see parts of the field? “Yes, but we will have TVs in the walls there.”

That’s not the same thing as...

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A-Rod Called His Shot?

According to Pete Caldera of The Record, Alex Rodriguez told the Yankees PR director he would hit a home run in his second at bat.

[W]ord from Yankees P.R. man Jason Zillo that Alex Rodriguez called his home run in the dugout. During batting practice, A-Rod told Zillo that he’d hit one during his second...

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Power Arms

Here’s the rotation with each pitcher’s average FB velocity (2008):

CC Sabathia — 93.7 mph

Chien-Ming Wang — 91.8 mph

A.J. Burnett — 94.3 mph

Andy Pettitte — 88.5 mph

Joba Chamberlain — 95.0 mph

Although Pettitte’s fastball is becoming Mussinaesque, that’s still a very powerful group. At the same time, one can argue that velocity...

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Playing The Over/Under

Vegas Watch has the MLB team wins over/under odds for the 2009 season up. The numbers, and my picks:

  • Arizona- 86.5 – Over
  • Atlanta- 84.5 – Over
  • Baltimore- 74.5 – Under
  • Boston- 94.5 – Under
  • Chicago C- 94.5 – Over
  • Chicago W- 76.5 – Over (though its about right)
  • Cincinnati- 76.5 – Under
  • Cleveland- 83 – Over
  • Colorado- 76.5 – Over
  • Detroit- 79.5 –...
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Posada's Awful Defense

Defensive statistics are not something that I relish using, being that they are still very inexact and constantly being altered. That being said, the hardest position to analyze using advanced metrics is catcher, as there are various parts to a catcher’s job defensively. He must catch the ball, call the game, and throw out baserunners...

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Why Joba Can Make 30 Starts In ’09

There’s a particular fragility and concern associated with Joba Chamberlain‘s workload as a starting pitcher. And, due to his outlandish skillset, there is good reason for the Yankees to handle with care.

There is, however, a notion that Chamberlain would be unable to up his innings total by any more than the...

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