One More Plug – Yankees Annual 2009

[image title=”Yankeesannual” size=”full” id=”1207″ align=”right” alt=”Really, its great” ]In attempt to make one last pre-season push for Yankees Annual 2009, Maple Street Press has put my article online for free. While you should still buy Yankees Annual 2009, you can read my entire article here.

It is a great honor to have my article selected...

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Prospect Profile: Ramiro Pena

I’m testing out a new format for prospect profiles. What do you think?

Ramiro Pena

Age: 23
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 165 lbs
Position: Shortstop
Bats: Switch

2008 Team: Trenton Thunder
Current Team: Major League Camp

The Good: Any discussion about Ramiro Pena begins with his superb defense. Pena’s reputation, with some quantative backing, is of a gold glove caliber...

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Fielding Bible Reports on Jeter’s D

Interesting post from RAB, here, regarding the hallowed Fielding Bible and it’s comments on Derek Jeter’s defensive play. FB declares that DJ had the least defensive misplays in all of baseball last year (for shortstops), though his range was near the bottom (despite UZR’s insistence he was nearly average last season). It’s...

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ESPN Baseball Today Predicts Yanks to finish 3rd in AL East

I was listening to Friday’s ESPN Baseball Today’s podcast and was less than shocked to discover they had predicted the Yankees to finish third in the A.L. East. Now, I have no problem with anyone picking the Yankees behind Tampa or Boston. They are both tremendous clubs, and I think it’s pretty much...

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