Albaladejo convincing Girardi

Jonathan Albaladejo appears to have a stranglehold over the final bullpen spot after a strong spring. Obviously, if he makes the team, that would mean that the Yankees would not carry a long reliever (despite Joba’s innings cap).

Now, Albaladejo is a solid option, however, I wonder why he would make the team over someone like David Robertson. This spring, Albaladejo has struck out 8 and given up 1 ER over 9 2/3 IP (1 BB). Meanwhile, over 6 2/3 IP Robertson struck out 10 and gave up 1 ER (3 BB). Albaladejo’s numbers are certainly better, overall, but Robertson’s stuff is undeniable. Also, Albaladejo has only been with the team for a season yet has been given ample opportunities to excel while Robertson has been with the Yankees since 2007 and, at least for now, is destined to toil away in Scranton.

At this point, in order to maintain depth, I guess you can afford to leave Robertson in the minors (he’ll be 24 this year) and go with the older Albaladejo (26). Nonetheless, regardless of whether or not Albaladejo makes the team, I’m sure we’ll see Robertson again, at some point, in 2009.

3 thoughts on “Albaladejo convincing Girardi

  1. A few reasons why Alby’s the man:

    1-He’s a good situational fit. He can come out of the pen and get you a ground ball DP when you need one. He’s really the only pure sinker-slider guy they have.

    2-Had a very strong winter ball in the Puerto Rican league.

    3-He’s more useful than a long man. Pettitte, CC and Wang should all give you innings, AJ threw 223 last year. The only guy who doesn’t figure to you length is Joba. The bullpen has to get SOME work somewhere.

    4-He was good last year before he hurt his elbow and was good in 07 for the Nats.

    Very pleased with this news, and so far Girardi has yet to make a misstep this spring IMO.

    • He’s certainly deserving. I think I’m just surprised at how many opportunities he has been given to make the team in a relatively short amount of time. I’m happy with him over Tomko or Giese, though I still think Robertson should, and will, get a look. Not a big deal either way.

  2. Well there is another thing working in his favor. The Yankees are going to carry a utility infielder and neither Berroa or Pena is on the roster. So they are going to have to DFA Giese just to add one of them. So they can’t add Tomko unless they want to DFA two players. So basically I think this is down to Albaladejo and Aceves.