Gardner named starter in CF

Manager Joe Girardi continues to make the fans happy as he names Brett Gardner the starting Yankee centerfielder, according to the NY Post.  “It’s not going to be day by day, Gardy is our center fielder,” Girardi said.  “He brings a little more speed to the lineup and defensively he brings a little more...

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Burnett: Championship Or Bust

From Mark Feinsand:

For years, Jeter has preached that the season is a failure if you’re not the last team standing.
“I agree with him 100%; that’s why we’re here and why we play this game,” Burnett said.
But is a World Series-or-bust edict more pressure than players need over a 162-game season? Burnett doesn’t...

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Managers Using Statistics

From Peter Gammons:

Years ago, managers just snubbed their noses at sabermetrics. Now, it’s mostly media members and former players who reject such studies. Not managers.

Washington’s Manny Acta will lay an occasional “VORP” on you, and Brewers manager Ken Macha was so intrigued by “The Fielding Bible,” compiled by John Dewan and Bill James, that...

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Bernie’s wishful thinking

From ESPN:

“I felt really good about playing,” Williams said. “I am my worst critic and I didn’t feel very bad about it. It took me a while to get acclimated. But after a while, I felt very encouraged.”

“I can still play,” said Williams, 40, who was in New York to tape an interview for...

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