Calling out Jeter and those calling Jeter out

Despite this, Barra is mostly right here:

Though the New York press and Yankee fandom don’t seem to realize it, Jeter has been on a sharp decline over the last couple of seasons, and 2009 is going to determine a lot about how the next generations of fans remember him. Thirty-four–he’ll be 35 in June–isn’t old for a bottle of wine or even a first baseman, but it’s like dog years for a shortstop, and right now Jeter is acting like an old dog refusing to learn new tricks.

Barra’s walking a very fine line in assuming that every Yanks fan is the blindest of homers, at best, ignorant to reality at worst. Then he commits some major crimes that any “true” fan would never let slide:

This will be Jeter’s 14th season (not counting 1995, when he only played 15 games), and judging from the blogs and radio call-in shows, Yankee fans are assuming that he is a walking Hall of Famer, but I don’t necessarily think that’s true.

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More Strasburg Stuff: Apparently He’s Really Good

I know we’ve discussed him before on the blog, but CNNSI posted an article yesterday, by Lee Jenkins that is the definitive Strasburg article, and I’d highly recommend that everyone take a peek at it.  Jenkins writes really well, and gives a soup-to-nuts perspective on the phenom, with stellar quotes and analysis.

Some of the more...

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Carroll: Joba’s A #3 Starter At Best

In an interview over at DRay’s Bay, Will Carroll, the injury guru of Baseball Prospectus, made some startling comments regarding Joba Chamberlain‘s ceiling and ideal role.

A few months ago, Carroll offered a unique perspective regarding Chamberlain’s innings limit by projecting the 23 year-old could toss 170 innings this year without concerns.

During this interview...

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