Calling out Jeter and those calling Jeter out

The writer, Allen Barra, takes the tone that he’s breaking ground about Jeter’s declining skills, and while that fact (Jeter’s decline) is true, he’s clearly not blazing a trail. He’s merely stepping in other’s footprints and calling them his own. I’ve been critical of Jeter when appropriate, but not wholly stomping on his throat just because it seems like the popular thing to do.

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Red Sox Spending Closer To Tampa Than Yankees?

From Alex Speier of This year’s Opening Day payroll would be lower than five other clubs’ marks at the start of 2008. For the first time in six seasons, the Sox will be closer in payroll to Tampa Bay than they are to New York. With that in mind, the Red Sox owners earlier this spring made the case that Boston is more in line with the rest of Major League Baseball clubs than they are with the Yankees, who are expected to tilt the scales at more than $200 million. The article goes on to discuss how the Continue reading Red Sox Spending Closer To Tampa Than Yankees?

What keeps bad organizations bad?

Doing things like this:

The gift that keeps on giving: Jimbo’s inexplicable handshake agreement with Dmitri Young forces Stan’s hand; Da MeatShake to be added to Nats’ 40-man roster before Opening Day. Via Nationals Journal:

The Nationals intend to add Dmitri Young to the 40-man roster before Opening Day because of a handshake agreement that was made this winter between Young and then-General Manager Jim Bowden.

Good for the Nats for honoring the “agreement”, as bizarre and inexplicable as it may be.

See, I don’t think it’s “good for the Nats” to be honoring something that will be detrimental to the team. Maybe that makes me a bad person, but if I were brought in to replace Bowden and I heard of this “agreement” and Young clearly isn’t ready/worth adding to the 40 man roster, I’d call him into the office and explain my view of reality to him. That would be that while we all love him as a person, he did not earn a spot on this team right now and the goal of this team is to win games, not make friends. My role as GM would be to put the best team on the field and if Young wasn’t among those, so be it. It’s a brutal side to the game but the game is a meritocracy and if Young hasn’t earned a spot, he can bring it up with Bowden. Continue reading What keeps bad organizations bad?

Abraham: Yankees Better Off Without A-Rod's 24+1 Mentality

I want to preface this piece by defending Peter Abraham a bit. He has been roundly criticized by many for becoming arrogant due to the success of his blog, an assertion that may have some truth to it. However, his blog remains the number one spot for news from the Yankees clubhouse, and he is truly a pioneer of sports blogging. That being said, I have to take him to task for a statement he made earlier this week, in response to a comment that stated that the Yankees could not win a championship without A-Rod: In the post of Continue reading Abraham: Yankees Better Off Without A-Rod's 24+1 Mentality

Sheppard out for Opening Day

Sadly, the Voice of God won’t be up to attending and calling the first game. It would incredible if he felt able to do it, but he’s in his late 90’s and it’s just too difficult for him:

So the opener is out of the question? “He would love to be there; he would love it,” [his wife] said. “But at the moment the stamina isn’t there.”

Sheppard, who is in his late 90s and has been the Yankees’ public address announcer since 1951, missed the entire 2008 season recovering from a bronchial infection.
Mary Sheppard said warmer mid-season weather might help ease her husband’s return.”
He’s been through a lot,” she said. “But there is no one particular problem. His weight is fine. And his voice is still excellent.”

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Some smart people lurking here

I’ll admit it, I love StatCounter. For those unaware, it simply keeps track of the number of visitors (new and old) on a website. It records city, state, ISP, country, IP addresses. Mostly, it’s just noise but I wanted to see who’s been visiting here and it turns out, we have some smart people at some prestigious universities blowing off their schoolwork to hang here for a few. Some of the colleges who have been here in the last day:

  • Gettysburg College
  • Yale University
  • American University
  • Marquette University
  • Stanford University
  • University Of Notre Dame
  • State University Of New York At Buffalo
  • Ithaca College
  • George Mason University (hooray Cinderella!)
  • Brandeis University
  • Rutgers University
  • The Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions
  • University of Kentucky

Now get back to your studies!

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More Strasburg Stuff: Apparently He’s Really Good

I know we’ve discussed him before on the blog, but CNNSI posted an article yesterday, by Lee Jenkins that is the definitive Strasburg article, and I’d highly recommend that everyone take a peek at it.  Jenkins writes really well, and gives a soup-to-nuts perspective on the phenom, with stellar quotes and analysis. Some of the more intriguing stuff you’ll read include some folks absolutely gushing about this kid in unrestrained fashion.  It makes you think he could come into the bigs next year and win 20.   In talking to some scouts watching Strasburg’s game against UNLV where he touch 101mph Continue reading More Strasburg Stuff: Apparently He’s Really Good

Most unique team preview ever

Travis at Boy Of Summer spent a month putting together his Phillies preview. So why mention it here, on a Yanks-centric blog? Well, he took that month to write the whole thing in iambic pentameter. Seriously. Do the guy a favor and have a read; it’s the least you could do!

He begins:

The Phillies won themselves a World Series,
Beat the Tampa Bay Rays with rel’tive ease!
A championship! And long-awaited!
City of Brotherly Love, elated!
But now they face a new season: Oh-Nine,
Their foes take aim, they’ll have no easy time
Repeating as Darlings of October…
Will their season end before it’s over?

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Carroll: Joba’s A #3 Starter At Best

In an interview over at DRay’s Bay, Will Carroll, the injury guru of Baseball Prospectus, made some startling comments regarding Joba Chamberlain‘s ceiling and ideal role. A few months ago, Carroll offered a unique perspective regarding Chamberlain’s innings limit by projecting the 23 year-old could toss 170 innings this year without concerns. During this interview however, in responding to a question about David Price, Carroll had some peculiar predictions in terms of Joba’s role and the type of ceiling he could have as a starter: It’s funny because with Chamberlain, I think he’s a better RP than SP, but think Continue reading Carroll: Joba’s A #3 Starter At Best