Yanks have faith in Cody Ransom

From the Denver Post we learn that the Rockies are shopping Jeff Baker, a useful utility player that has the ability to play at 1B, 2B, 3B or RF and LF. The Post article also mentions that the Astros and the Yankees — two teams that could use some assistance at 3B — would make sense for a Baker trade. However, author Troy Renck notes that “the Rockies will ask for a lot for Baker,” especially if Colorado knows that he’ll start somewhere. Baker is versatile in that he can play a number of positions and he does have some Continue reading Yanks have faith in Cody Ransom

Stephen Strasberg At The Draft

Although our own Stephen S. covered this a few days ago, I’d like to weigh in. Stephen Strasberg is the best NCAA pitcher in recent memory. All things being equal, he’s probably better right now than Mark Prior was. Strasberg, pitching for San Diego, has thrown 34 innings so far this season, with 74 strikeouts and just 7 walks. He has a fastball that tops out in Joel Zumaya territory, and strong secondary pitches to go along with them. He was the lone college player on the 2008 US Olympic team, and went 1-1 with a 1.64 ERA for the Continue reading Stephen Strasberg At The Draft

Schilling vs. Mussina

A random thought occured to me driving to work this AM: besides the big sluggers and PED-tainted players (Clemens, Bonds, Sosa, Piazza, etc.) who will be either on the HOF ballot for the first time or remaining on the ballot, two well-respected pitchers will also make their debuts: Curt Schilling and Mike Mussina. Their candidacy will be well debated from here on out.

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Excerpt: The Rocket That Fell To Earth

Jeff Pearlman posted on Yahoo! an exerpt from his book that was released today. There’s a lot to read there, but here’s a snippet:

Before long, Roger came to lack this perspective, too. Although [older brother]Randy was no longer living at home, having graduated from high school in 1971 and accepted a basketball scholarship to Division III Bethel College in Mishawaka, Indiana, his influence on his brother remained profound. As he advanced from elementary school to junior high to high school, Roger turned increasingly combative. Though he was still a chunky kid through his early teens, on the courts and fields Roger carried himself like a scowling, trash-talking 20-game winner.

He even promised those around him that one day he would start the All-Star Game, win the final game of the World Series and wind up on the cover of Sports Illustrated. In football, he was a stout defensive and offensive lineman. In basketball, he was a physical power forward and center. And in baseball, he was a gap-hitting third baseman and a soft-tossing control artist.

Yes, Roger Clemens was a soft-tossing control artist. Though Roger was usually one of the better pitchers in the various leagues in which he participated, intimidation was not his game.

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One Last Post On Flipping Damon and Jeter

I have suggested on various occasions this offseason that the Yankees flip Derek Jeter and Johnny Damon at the top of the batting order. Late last month, I supported that notion with the following: The one element that supports keeping things as they are is Damon’s speed, as he is a much better base stealer than Jeter at this point. However, the remainder of the data points in the opposite direction. Unless Jeter’s poor season was a sign of a steep decline, Derek is better at reaching base than Damon, with a 30 point edge in OBP over their careers. Continue reading One Last Post On Flipping Damon and Jeter

A-Rod: I've Given Up On Being Liked

Alex Rodriguez recently did an interview with YES Network’s Michael Kay, and had a few very interesting things to say: Alex Rodriguez believes the other 103 positive tests from Major League Baseball’s 2003 survey program should remain anonymous, the Yankees slugger told the YES Network in an interview to be aired Tuesday…. “This is really about my mistake,” Rodriguez told Kay. “You know, many nights I fell asleep thinking about who I can blame, and this guy, or that guy. And when I woke up I kept coming back to the same person; it’s me. I mean, there’s no one Continue reading A-Rod: I've Given Up On Being Liked

A-Rod’s Madam Speaks out. .

. . . and apparently she wasn’t the source of the Daily News piece. Former madam Kristin Davis, who served three months in jail and is on five years’ probation after pleading guilty to promoting prostitution, spoke in generalities when reached by Newsday on Sunday. “All I can say is, there is a connection,” Davis said when asked about Rodriguez, a former Mariner. Davis declined to comment on the specific allegations, saying she does “not talk about my personal life or who I date.” I speculated the other day in Moshe’s post about the Daily News article that Alex’s PR Continue reading A-Rod’s Madam Speaks out. .

Pearlman on MLB on XM right now

Jeff Pearlman is on MLB on XM radio right now talking about his book. Listening now…

  • I know someone from XM visited my site earlier today (thank you, StatCounter) and their first question was almost verbatim my first question! Sneaky, XM, sneaky, but I am onto you.
  • Second question was essentially my “what surprised you the most” question.
  • Fourth was the “famed workouts” question.
  • Fifth was about Piazza and his PED usage and why Pearlman decided to “go down that road”. Joel Sherman is clearly enjoying the dulcet tones of his own voice, implying that Piazza wouldn’t have gotten as many HOF votes as we might have otherwise thought due to the quiet whispers that surround him.

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