Yanks have faith in Cody Ransom

From the Denver Post we learn that the Rockies are shopping Jeff Baker, a useful utility player that has the ability to play at 1B, 2B, 3B or RF and LF. The Post article also mentions that the Astros and the Yankees — two teams that could use some assistance at 3B —...

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Stephen Strasberg At The Draft

Although our own Stephen S. covered this a few days ago, I’d like to weigh in.

Stephen Strasberg is the best NCAA pitcher in recent memory. All things being equal, he’s probably better right now than Mark Prior was. Strasberg, pitching for San Diego, has thrown 34 innings so far this season, with 74 strikeouts and...

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Schilling vs. Mussina

Disclaimer: While I dabble in and thoroughly support advanced statistical analysis, I won’t pretend I speak the language fluently. For the sake of this discussion, I won’t delve into the HOF worthiness of Bert Blyleven and Jack Morris, or any other well-discussed pitchers. All data referenced herein comes from the incredible Baseball-Reference.com.

What I thought about was how the voters will look at these two accomplished pitchers.

  • How will they tell them apart?
  • Will Schilling’s stellar post-season efforts outweigh Moose’s longer and more consistent years and greater win totals?
  • Will each of their lack of milestone win totals preclude both of them, given there are pitchers with greater win totals still having to buy a ticket to enter the HOF?
  • Were they truly great or just very, very good?
  • Will their ‘seemingly’ PED-free career in a the “Steroids Era” help them or will they be caught up under the blanket of “presumed guilt until proven innocent”?

Let’s compare these two horses side by side and see what the numbers begin to tell us.…

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A-Rod’s Madam Speaks out. .

. . . and apparently she wasn’t the source of the Daily News piece.

Former madam Kristin Davis, who served three months in jail and is on five years’ probation after pleading guilty to promoting prostitution, spoke in generalities when reached by Newsday on Sunday.

“All I can say is, there is a connection,” Davis said...

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