Minor Notes: Alfredo Aceves Bounces Back

Alfredo Aceves Rebounds

Alfredo Aceves was a real standout in the Mexican League, and took less than a full season in the minors to make the big leagues. It isn’t all that uncommon for an experienced pitcher to rocket through several layers of the minor leagues in a small period of time. It is also not...

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Selena Roberts and Duke Lacrosse

Selena Roberts may have been a columnist for the NY Times and ostensibly only writing her “opinion” about the Duke lacrosse team but being a columnist doesn’t excuse you from having to get your facts right. In 2006, as the story broke, she wrote, “But why is it so hard to gather the facts?...

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A-Rod goes yard in intrasquad game

Normally, a rehabbing player going 1 for 6 in an intrasquad game would not be news, or even remotely interesting.  However, with the craptastic production that the Yankees have been getting from the 3rd base position (batting average south of .200, no home runs, mediocre defense), the Yankees need Alex Rodriguez back as soon as...

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Mariano's "Slow Start"

From George King:

Considering Mariano Rivera has given up three, three, three, two, three, four and four homers in the past three seasons, the sight of him surrendering dingers in two straight appearances was unnerving.

While it certainly was a bit unnerving, it is important to note that we go through this every season. Mo strings...

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Minors Recap, 4/29

Scranton defeats Lehigh Valley, 7-0

  • Alfredo Aceves got the start, and the Mexican Gangster was just that, giving up just 3 hits and a walk in 8 scoreless, and striking out 6.
  • Steven Jackson, recently demoted from the bigs, gave up 2 hits in a scoreless inning of work.
  • Shelley Duncan was 1 for 3 with his 7th...
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