Nardi On Horne, Humberto, and De La Rosa

Chad Jennings spoke to Nardi Contreras, who gave some updates on injured prospects. Alan Horne is pitching every five days, and is close to being ready in terms of innings. However:

“He still needs more arm strength,” Contreras said. “He’s getting pitches, but the arm strength, he needs to continue to pitch. He’s just getting some innings in, getting some arm strength and building it up. Slowly (the velocity) is getting higher and higher, which is good. He’s gaining arm strength, and that’s what he’s there for.”

It would be a huge boon for the Yankees if Horne could reestablish himself as a top prospect. He has great stuff, as health has been the only thing really holding him back from mega-prospect status. He will be an interesting prospect to track for the next few months.

The news on Humberto Sanchez is less encouraging. He has “stiffness” and is only long tossing. He is unlikely to see game action for a while, and I would not bet on seeing him in the Bronx at any point in 2009. With Anthony Claggett getting rocked in NY last week, the return on Gary Sheffield is not looking too great at this point.

Finally, Wlikins De La Rosa was apparently in extended spring training to get stretched out. He will start for Tampa on Thursday.

0 thoughts on “Nardi On Horne, Humberto, and De La Rosa

  1. Sanchez lack of physical conditioning coming off all those injuries was disturbing.I viewed him as a bust the minute I saw him last season.Forget him.
    I wouldn’t give up on CLagget just yet.

  2. I had high hopes for Sanchez when he was giving Giambi and the rest of our guys fits in ST after being aquired. 5 days later he’s on the DL… hasn’t done anything since. Sad that so much potential can just slip away. Always have to keep hope that he turns it around but it is seeming less and less likely.