Minor Notes: Venditte's Video Game Numbers

Pat Venditte Almost Perfect

Switch-pitcher Pat Venditte put up video game-like numbers for Staten Island last season. He allowed just a 0.83 ERA in 32 2/3 innings while acting as the team’s closer and making 23 saves. He struck out 42 and walked 10 in that time period, while allowing just 13(!) hits.

He’s still rolling to start the season. Venditte has thrown 6 1/3 innings in 5 games, allowing just 3 hits and no runs or walks while striking out 11. He is again acting as the team’s closer.

The Yankees don’t seem all that interested in Venditte as a true prospect, but more as a project. They have almost never used players that they regard as good prospects in a one-inning closer role. Guys that have occupied that role in the past in the low minors include Jonathan Ortiz, Jon Hovis, Eric Wordekemper, Josh Schmidt, Gerardo Casadiego, and Paul Thorp. No, you shouldn’t recognize many of those names. The Yankees prefer to schedule and stretch out their top prospects while letting those just below prospect status occupy key roles in a team’s bullpen.

What does this mean for Venditte? It probably means that they consider his talent below major league level. Weird things can happen, but we should all remember that Venditte throws 82 mph max from the left side and barely 90 from the right.

Reegie Corona Back Home

Reegie Corona almost made the Seattle Mariners this season as a utility player. Since returning, the Yankees have moved him back to 2nd base to allow Eduardo Nunez to play shortstop full time. Corona often struggled making throws at shortstop, but is considering a very good 2nd baseman.

He has had a rather odd season to date at the play. Corona is hitting .308/.438/.333 on the season with just one extra base hit. He did not get a lot of playing time during the spring with Seattle, so we might be able to chalk the lack of power up to rust. Corona has also always been a slow starter. I’ve always been a fan, and think that he will be a strong candidate to take Cody Ransom or Ramiro Pena’s spot next season.

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2 thoughts on “Minor Notes: Venditte's Video Game Numbers

  1. Venditte looks like typical player that dominates the lower minors, and loses his prospect status as he rises up in level and competition. I’ve always viewed him as something of a sideshow, a minor league attraction to help the lower level affiliates draw some attention (and fans) for themselves.