CC Needs To Step Up

As I have said a few times today, it is too soon for the Yankees or their fans to panic. Getting swept in April by Boston is not fun, but it really does mean much in the long run (unless you are Mike Francesa, in which case it has wide ranging implications that point to deep systemic issues). That being said, it would not be prudent for the Yankees to do dig themselves a large hole in the division, and a win tonight against the Tigers would go a long way towards stanching the bleeding. 

The starter for the Yankees tonight is CC Sabathia, and it is time for him to step up and pitch like the stopper we know he will be by the time September rolls around. The Yankees need quality and length from him tonight, as the bullpen has been overused and overexposed lately. He has had a slow start, but as the weather gets warmer and date gets later, it would be nice to see the lefty establish himself as the rock in the rotation that he is paid to be.

0 thoughts on “CC Needs To Step Up

  1. Could you give an example of what Francessa has been saying? I’m at work so I missed it, but I like to be able to point to examples of why he’s terrible when he discusses baseball. Current examples are:

    – Wanting to trade Hughes, Jackson and Cano for Nate McClouth.
    – Joba to the pen….
    – Continously ripping Cashman for signing latroy hawkins to a ONE YEAR DEAL.

    • he says these three games are indicative of huge structural issues with the Yankees front office, especially when compared to the Red Sox, because Masterson, Bowden, and Hunter freaking Jones pitched well last night, so the Red Sox are better in every way than the Yankees. This after three games…Unbelievable.

      • Translation-Cashman doesn’t return his phone calls.

        Have you noticed that Omar has made just as many bad pitching decisions (especially in the bullpen) yet somehow it doesn’t reflect the same way on him? I’ll let you figure out why that is.

  2. Sounds a lot like the ESPN broadcast last night. I thought they where going to do a full Red Sox minor league scouting report.

  3. listen to espn radio. francesa is crap.

    i wonder what the weather will be like where and when cc pitches.

  4. This was definitely a step in the right direction for CC. The 7 strikeouts and zero walks are an obvious sign of that. I’d prefer one or two less runs, but saving the bullpen was almost as important as anything else he did today. Now we just need to jump start the offense.