Day Off Helps With Wang?

With the rain out today, here is our current rotation schedule:

Tuesday: Pettitte
Wednesday: Chamberlain
Thursday: Off
Friday: Sabathia
Saturday: Burnett
Sunday: Pettitte
Monday: Chamberlain
Tuesday: Wang?

Assuming that the Yankees postpone the missed A’s game until later in the season, this off day seems fortuitous for the team. The Yankees get to line up their top-3...

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You Shouldn’t Worry about Wang

But there is someone you should be concerned about. Chien-Ming Wang is a 29 year-old pitcher coming off of a FOOT injury. He throws a 95 mph sinker and and won 38 games in two seasons from 06-07 while eating 200 innings with ERAs in the mid threes. Wang hasn’t pitched competitively...

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Replacing Xavier Nady's Bat

With Xavier Nady injured and facing surgery or lengthy rehab, the Yankees currently have Melky Cabrera as their best bench bat. This is a far cry from the start of the season in which they were certain to have a starting caliber bat on the pine. This poses a problem in terms of depth, as...

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