Posada's Quick Start And His Legacy

Kat O’Brien talked to Jorge Posada about his return from last season’s injury:

“I have three more years, counting this year, with the contract,” said Posada, 37. “We’ll see after that. I would like to catch those three years. Obviously, I can’t play first base [with Mark Teixeira there]. I want to prepare myself every...

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Yankees-Red Sox Double Standard About Depth

This from Tim McCarver, via the NY Post:

“The rivalry has changed because I think the pitching has changed,” McCarver said. “You don’t have them standing toe-to-toe slugging it out anymore. The Red Sox have a deep rotation and the Yankees were right with them, but with [Chien-Ming] Wang’s three horrendous starts that has changed...

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Hughes To The Show?

As Steve referenced below, Chien-Ming Wang pitched in an extended spring training game yesterday and was uninspiring. Here is what Nardi Contreras had to say, via Pete Abraham:

“He doesn’t have the arm strength he had last year,” Contreras said. “But he hasn’t pitched in eight months prior to this spring training. What I saw...

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Greetings, and minors recap

Good evening all.  Before I start my recap of the minor league action tonight, I would like to briefly introduce myself.  My name is Eric Schultz, and I was previously a blogger at Pending Pinstripes, where I covered the minor leagues (joining and eventually succeeding EJ), but when I was offered to join The Yankee...

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