Posada's Quick Start And His Legacy

Kat O’Brien talked to Jorge Posada about his return from last season’s injury:

“I have three more years, counting this year, with the contract,” said Posada, 37. “We’ll see after that. I would like to catch those three years. Obviously, I can’t play first base [with Mark Teixeira there]. I want to prepare myself every year that I can catch. I love catching. I love being behind the plate. I love being in charge……”

Posada is off to a good start at the plate, hitting .286 with three homers and 12 RBIs in 13 games. He has a .357 on-base percentage and .571 slugging percentage.

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Said Posada: “My biggest thing is I have to be prepared. Every year I want to get better, I want to improve myself. So when I go in the offseason, that’s my main focus.”

Before the season began, I suggested that Jorge Posada was quite possibly the most important cog on the 2009 Yankees:

Jorge Posada is the one player that the Yankees cannot afford to lose.

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Yankees-Red Sox Double Standard About Depth

This from Tim McCarver, via the NY Post:

“The rivalry has changed because I think the pitching has changed,” McCarver said. “You don’t have them standing toe-to-toe slugging it out anymore. The Red Sox have a deep rotation and the Yankees were right with them, but with [Chien-Ming] Wang’s three horrendous starts that has changed for the time being.”

Hmmm, so Wang being bad and possibly injured kills the Yankees, but Dice-K being bad and definitely injured is not even a factor for Boston? This is symptomatic of the media’s double standard regarding the Yankees and Sox that has been irking me all offseason. The Sox have Wakefield at the back of the rotation with two prospects (Masterson, Buchholz) and two injury risks (Penny, Smoltz) and are deemed to have amazing depth. The Yankees have Pettitte and Chamberlain at the back of the rotation with two prospects (Hughes, Kennedy) ready to fill in, yet are considered to have major question marks.… Click here to read the rest

Hughes To The Show?

As Steve referenced below, Chien-Ming Wang pitched in an extended spring training game yesterday and was uninspiring. Here is what Nardi Contreras had to say, via Pete Abraham:

“He doesn’t have the arm strength he had last year,” Contreras said. “But he hasn’t pitched in eight months prior to this spring training. What I saw today, he had the best slider I’ve seen since I’ve known Chien-Ming. The slider has improved and the changeup is very good. His offspeed pitches are coming in really well.”

You know what that sounds like? It sounds like a report you might get on a pitcher two starts into spring training. Wang clearly has some conditioning issues to work through due to his long layoff, and those are the kind of issues that you cannot work out while pitching in the major leagues. I would be shocked if the Yankees did not put him on the DL and have him pitch rehab starts for a while.… Click here to read the rest

Greetings, and minors recap

Good evening all.  Before I start my recap of the minor league action tonight, I would like to briefly introduce myself.  My name is Eric Schultz, and I was previously a blogger at Pending Pinstripes, where I covered the minor leagues (joining and eventually succeeding EJ), but when I was offered to join The Yankee Universe I jumped on it, and here I am.  A lot of my posting will be about the minors and the draft (without stepping on EJ’s toes), but I hope to contribute to this site by writing on other topics as well, so stay tuned.  I’m looking forward to being a part of the Yankee Universe team, and getting feedback from our readers.  My posting may be somewhat sporadic over the next few weeks, until I get out of school, but I plan on writing regularly once school is over.

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And without further adieu, my inaugural recap.  I may experiment with the format of the recaps, so let me know  what you like best. … Click here to read the rest