Discussion: The All Star Game

Ben over at RAB had the following to say about the ASG:

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For some reason, Major League Baseball insists on turning the All Star Game, a glorified exhibition for the game’s best players, into something that plays a determining role in the World Series, the game’s crowning event. It doesn’t make sense. It never will; it never has; and as long as the All Star Game continues to count, the popular fan vote method of balloting will continue to be utterly absurd.

The link between the ASG and home field really does not bother me. Is this really any more arbitrary than alternating years, or flipping a coin? I have heard no legitimate solution to this issue, and therefore MLB’s insistence on this particular arbitrary method does not rile me up. In regard to the fan voting, on a basic level, this does not perturb me either. This is an exhibition, and the fans want to see certain players. The problem is that players eventually get judged based on their career achievements, and ASG nods have become go-to numbers for the less diligent Hall of Fame voters to base their decisions upon. This does not mean that we should change the All Star Game to correct for their stupidity. However, it does justify some level of disappointment and anger over egregious selection errors.

What do you think about these All Star Game issues?

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  1. Good piont Moshe: home field advantage has always been decided on arbitrary methods. This is just one more.

    I can´t understand why not give it to the team who won more games during the season (as other sports). I´ve heard Selig´s arguments, but still, they don´t make any sense. Can some one please explain them to me?

  2. Fun Fact: players getting elected to the Hall of FAME as result of beeing voted to the ASG, not for the numbers but because they were FAMOUS.

  3. No, players are not elected to the hall of fame due to being famous- it is nowhere in the rules. Famous people are memorialized in the museum- getting elected is seperate from that, and is based on performance. All star appearances should not be considered.

    • I understand that Moshe. The funny thing is that the Hall stands for FAME, so it´s not that crazy when voters incorporate the AS selections in ther reasoning for electing players to the HOF. Like it or not, it´s a FAME thing after all. Is not the best way to do it, but if you are naming a hall for “famous” players, then is not that crazy to count the ASG selection.

      We want the best players, both in the HOF and ASG, as we want the best player to win the MVP or GG, but there´s no flawless system when handing out recognitions in baseball (or in life, that is)

      Now my real question is why Selig doesn´t give home field advantage to the team with the best record?

      • Two reasons- first, think of the AL and NL the last few years. Is 95 wins in the NL better than 94 in the AL? Also, it would ruin the idea of two separate leagues if they started comparing the records and using them for something (I think that is stupid, but I bet Bud does not).