Injury Updates: Bruney, Melky, and Posada

Pete Abe comes up with the news:

Melky Cabrera: He had an MRI and will be sent back to New York tomorrow to be examined by team doctor Chris Ahmad. The initial diagnosis is that he will be out 5-7 days. If it’s more than that, they will probably DL him and call up an infielder.

That does not sound too bad. Gardner has been playing well lately, so the club should survive without Melky for a bit. I just hope that the injury does not pull Melky out of his incredible groove. Furthermore, it seems that the offense is going to get a boost over the weekend:

Jorge Posada: He will be activated on Friday in Cleveland unless he gets hit by a bus in Tampa. He’s probably only going to work out tomorrow. Joe Girardi it was a “strong possibility” that Posada would be activated which is way of saying, “Posada will be activated.”

This probably spells the end for Angel Berroa, although I guess it is possible that Kevin Cash or even Cervelli is sent packing. Once Melky returns, the lineup should be incredibly deep, with Jorge pushing Matsui, Melky, and Swisher to the bottom third of the order. Finally, Pete checked in with good news on Bruney:

Brian Bruney: Dr. James Andrews checked him out and he came up clean. No ligament issue. He has a flexor muscle strain and whatever pain he still has is a residual of that. He will rest and start a throwing program. Because Bruney fibbed about how he felt last time, you can bet he’ll out at least another 2-3 weeks at least.

The last few Yankees to go to Andrews have gotten good news, a surprising turn of events. Being that Bruney’s little shenanigans cost the Yankees Steven Jackson, I would guess that they step very gingerly with his rehab this time around.

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