Yankees Interested In DeRosa?

From Buster Olney:

Imagine Mark DeRosa as a big hunk of tuna, bait on a hook. One of the looming shadows circling below is that of the New York Yankees, who are weighing options and haven’t decided whether to take a shot at the versatile veteran.

Really? DeRosa is a solid player who had a good year last season, but he is almost certain to cost more than he is worth. He has a career 97 OPS+, and his real value comes in his versatility, which really does not fill a need on this roster. Unless something is seriously wrong with Xavier Nady, I cannot see a fit for DeRosa in the Yankees crowded outfield. He obviously will not get significant playing time on the infield, leaving him as a bench bat who is going to require a starter’s return. Cleveland wants MLB ready pitching for him, and the Yankees are not going to be willing to give up Phil Hughes or even Alfredo Aceves in a deal for a bench guy. This seems like something put out there by Cleveland to try and drum up a feeding frenzy over DeRosa.

What do you think? Does DeRosa interest you?

0 thoughts on “Yankees Interested In DeRosa?

  1. Chip

    No way, no how. I’d rather stick with Ramiro Pena and keep the prospects plus the cash. I mean DeRosa offers a much, much better bat than Pena but isn’t going to hold a candle to Pena’s defense on the infield or Gardner’s defense in the outfield. Would I rather have DeRosa starting at third when A-Rod is DHing? Of course but I’d rather have Pena at SS if you’re going to let Jeter DH every now and then.

    So unless the price is pretty much nothing, this just doesn’t make sense for the Yankees (of course that could chance if Melky is out for an extended time but that doesn’t seem to be the case)

    • mryankee

      I like Derosa depending on what you have to give up-I like his bat and versatility-would I give up a robertson sure but if the asking price is hughes or joba I would rather not

  2. Not for what Cleveland would likely demand. With A-Rod back and healthy, a utilityman like DeRosa would be a luxury, not an essential piece.

  3. scott l

    DeRosa is a decent corner outfielder now as he is a defensive liability at other positions according to UZR. If the Yankees are looking for an outfielder then go after Seth Smith of the Rockies please.

    • Chip

      If they’re going to go out and get an outfielder, might as well get somebody who can play full-time next year when Damon and Nady are free agents (although I think Damon will be back)

  4. Tom Gaffney

    I’m a little surprised that you’re so lukewarm on this idea, Mo. The lack of bench strength has been one of your hot buttons this whole season, and DeRosa seems like the perfect bench player, no?

  5. Moshe Mandel

    Tom, I surprised myself. But the emergence of Pena, Cervelli, amd Gardner as useful players reduces the need, as done the return of A-Rod, and the return of Nady gives them the good bat they need on the bench. Would I like DeRosa or Edmonds better than Gardner? Probably. But it is no longer a pressing need, certainly not at the cost for DeRosa.

    • Tom Gaffney

      Jeez Mo, what kind of attitude is that for a sportswriter. You’re not supposed to take new information into consideration and change your opinion. You’re supposed to either:

      1) Completely disregard the actual data, banging the drum over and over again for your unsupported idea (ie all the Joba to bullpen guys).


      2) Just pretend as if you never held that opinion and either ignore those questions or vehemently insist you never said that.

      Don’t you know ANYTHING!??

  6. JeffG

    I like our team… my vote is to keep it together. If a move must be made it could be for one more setup arm. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that Bruny contributes at full strength by July.