Roster Notes: Bruney Coming Back, Jackson On Way Out

From Sam Borden we get a cornucopia of news about the Yankees roster:

1) Brian Bruney will return tomorrow for the start of the Yankees series with the Orioles. I think that although Edwar, Aceves, and Albie have options, Jose Veras will be DFA’d. The Yankees have thrown him into important spots with regularity and he has repeatedly come up short. I think they risk losing him rather than sending down a more effective reliever. Joe Girardi said that Bruney will go back to pitching the 8th inning immediately. Thank god for that. A pen with Bruney in the 8th, Coke and Aceves in the 7th, and eventually Damaso Marte available for a stretch of tough lefties, does not look that bad.

2) Chien-Ming Wang is going to throw a side session in front of the Yankee staff tomorrow to determine whether he is ready to return. I bet they give him one more minor league start, which means two more MLB starts for Phil Hughes.… Click here to read the rest

Media Notes: Scully A Yankee? Pete Abe Gone? WS Games Before 8?

A few media related notes that caught my eye:

1) From Keith Olbermann we get word that Vin Scully could have been the Voice of the Yankees. He was offered the position in 1964 when Mel Allen retired, but decided to remain with the Dodgers. Wouldn’t it be nice to replace the revolving door of YES Network announcers with the amazing Scully. What might have been.

Shelter release

2) Speaking of announcers, Phil Mushnick destroys John Sterling in his latest column. Mushnick has long had a problem with Sterling, but this piece is particularly vehement. Personally, I like Sterling. he makes a lot of mistakes, but he is entertaining, and he makes the last three innings of a game as exciting as can be. What do you think about him?

3) Pete Abraham is taking a mandatory week off due to cutbacks by the Gannett Company, who owns the Journal News. This brings into harsh relief the crumbling state of the newspaper business.… Click here to read the rest

Shut Up Juice for Everyone!


There are few things I love more than seeing the shut up juice being passed out to those deserving of said beverage, and there sure were a few rounds of juice passed around the Stadium this weekend.  Let’s see who’s choking on their words today:

The Haters:

  1. A-Rod is debuting at the new Yankee Stadium!  How will the fans react?!  Will they boo him?  How will A-Rod react?  Can he handle the pressure?  Will he be the same after his injury, after the Selena book?  Let’s talk about walk-off home runs instead, shall we?  Hey Selena, shaaaat aaap!

The Doubters:

  1. Mark Teixeira is off to a slow start!!  CC Sabathia is off to a slow start!!  The Yankees spent so much money on these guys.  When are they going to come around!?!  This is no longer a bad start, this is a bad season!  Hey talk radio callers: shaaaaat aaaap!
  2. The young players all suck!  “It is not just that the Yankee roster is too old and brittle, and that years of horrible drafting and developing have left them without even suitable reserves to turn to in a time of crisis.
Click here to read the rest

Boomer wants selective justice

That brings us to Boomer Wells, one of my favorite players, who has the Wite-Out ready to go:

Wells also suggested that Rodriguez, who admitted that he used steroids during a three-year period while playing for the Rangers, should have his numbers scrutinized. Rodriguez hit three homers off Wells in 18 at-bats during that time period and the former hurler doesn’t think those stats should count toward Rodriguez’s bid for the Hall of Fame.

“Well, he claimed he was on the juice, so, no they shouldn’t,” Wells said.

Boomer, so we should just take his 3 HR off his ledger? What about revising your ERA? Should we do that, too? After all, it’s a double book entry system; if you take something off one side, something has to come off the other side as well. What if removing one of those HR’s would have resulted in a change in the result of the game? And what if that resulted in a win that got a team into the playoffs whereas otherwise they didn’t make it?… Click here to read the rest