Roster Notes: Bruney Coming Back, Jackson On Way Out

From Sam Borden we get a cornucopia of news about the Yankees roster: 1) Brian Bruney will return tomorrow for the start of the Yankees series with the Orioles. I think that although Edwar, Aceves, and Albie have options, Jose Veras will be DFA’d. The Yankees have thrown him into important spots with regularity and he has repeatedly come up short. I think they risk losing him rather than sending down a more effective reliever. Joe Girardi said that Bruney will go back to pitching the 8th inning immediately. Thank god for that. A pen with Bruney in the 8th, Continue reading Roster Notes: Bruney Coming Back, Jackson On Way Out

Misadventures in tarp effectiveness

You almost feel bad for the Nots’ ground crew as they struggle…. and struggle… and struggle to get the tarp on the field during a rain storm vs. the Phillies.

Then fans come out of the stands to help. In NY, you get to go to jail for that.
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1992 Expansion Draft Revisited via WezenBall

Lar at Wezen-Ball was good enough to send this my way. This was his Baseball Prospectus “Baseball Prospectus Idol” submission. Bummer for Lar that he’s not a finalist, but I sure did enjoy his stab at glory:

It’s now been over 15 years since this draft took place and, with the benefit of hindsight, we can easily say what moves would and wouldn’t have worked out. What is difficult, though, is saying exactly how that draft should have gone. Considering the rules of the draft (only one player drafted per existing club per round, the initial 15 protected players, etc.) and the secret nature of “protected player” lists, there’s a little more to it than saying “Man, the Marlins should’ve drafted Pedro in ’93!” or “The Rockies should’ve taken Manny!”

What is the internet good for, though, if we can’t take the time to figure this out ourselves? So I did just that. Using the expansion draft rules as explained on Wikipedia, a list of active rosters from 1992 and 1993 from Retrosheet, and a “leaked” list of the protected players published in the November 13, 1992, issue of USA Today, I set about running the “perfect” draft. Instead of each team always choosing the best player available at the given draft spot, the teams would choose the player who would best fit in on that particular club. It was also important to consider the limitations of the draft when making these choices so that both teams could get the best possible lineup available. Finally, I only did the first round of the draft, since it was hard enough making those 26 picks in the first place. I also allowed each team to sign a couple of free agents, though I limited signings to players who I judged might be willing to move to an expansion city. Maybe it’s arbitrary, but it seemed necessary since there was no way that Greg Maddux or Barry Bonds or Kirby Puckett would ever have landed in Colorado or Florida. A list of available free agents was compiled using Retrosheet’s transactions database.

Say what you will, but Lar is nothing if not thorough. Great stuff if you’re into digging into the nostalgia!

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Media Notes: Scully A Yankee? Pete Abe Gone? WS Games Before 8?

A few media related notes that caught my eye: 1) From Keith Olbermann we get word that Vin Scully could have been the Voice of the Yankees. He was offered the position in 1964 when Mel Allen retired, but decided to remain with the Dodgers. Wouldn’t it be nice to replace the revolving door of YES Network announcers with the amazing Scully. What might have been. Shelter release 2) Speaking of announcers, Phil Mushnick destroys John Sterling in his latest column. Mushnick has long had a problem with Sterling, but this piece is particularly vehement. Personally, I like Sterling. he Continue reading Media Notes: Scully A Yankee? Pete Abe Gone? WS Games Before 8?

Shut Up Juice for Everyone!

.!. There are few things I love more than seeing the shut up juice being passed out to those deserving of said beverage, and there sure were a few rounds of juice passed around the Stadium this weekend.  Let’s see who’s choking on their words today: The Haters: A-Rod is debuting at the new Yankee Stadium!  How will the fans react?!  Will they boo him?  How will A-Rod react?  Can he handle the pressure?  Will he be the same after his injury, after the Selena book?  Let’s talk about walk-off home runs instead, shall we?  Hey Selena, shaaaat aaap! The Continue reading Shut Up Juice for Everyone!

World Series games to start earlier


Major League Baseball and Fox will announce today a real TV throwback: World Series action starting before 8 p.m. ET.

That hasn’t happened, in a regularly scheduled weeknight Series game, in at least 34 years.

The long-overdue idea will start this fall on Fox as its weeknight World Series games – as well as its American League Championship Series games – will have first pitches at 7:57. Last year, on average, World Series games’ first pitches came at 8:28. In recent years, some have come as late as 8:38.

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Boomer wants selective justice

Friends, I want this great game to be played on a flat ground, just as most of you do. I don’t want it to be a battle of the chemists. We’ve made some strides in the past few years, many coming at the expense of those outted (Bonds, Palmiero, McGwire, Sosa, ARod, Clemens, Manny, etc.). The one thing that I continue to ponder is just how pervasive the use of all kinds of PEDs were over the last two decades. Let’s face it: the majority of players were doing something that’s now banned (HGH, steroids, greenies, etc.). Remember, too, that the use of greenies goes waaay back, back to the grainy black-and-whites. Cheating isn’t new.

This is not an assigning blame rant; I’ve done that plenty of times.

But what irks me are those who are calling for the stats of those outted (or presumed guilty) to be summarily stricken from the record books. This, of course, absolves those who haven’t yet been outted. It also diminshes the performance of the hitters hitting against juiced up pitchers. It wasn’t only the hitters juicing.

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I could watch this play a hundred times

UPDATE: The video was removed from YouTube. My apologies. If I (or you) can find another one, please let me know. Here’s a link to the video at They won’t let users share/embed it, though. Dumb move, MLBAM. Why not let your best customers share your product?

Sure Gardner was out, but what an amazing play. If you didn’t see it, here’s the video (sorry, the audio is not aligned with the video):

I can’t get over how gorgeous this was, from the aggressiveness of Gardner to the presence and awareness of Mauer, the luck of the pitcher behind-the-backing the ball to Mauer, not to mention the awesome physicality of Mauer’s play and the near swim move by Gardner.
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