Even Peter Abraham Admits A-Rod Book Is False

Peter Abraham is going through the Selana Roberts book right now. His reaction:

Because Roberts broke the story in February about Rodriguez having tested positive for steroids use, I wrongly assumed the book would include other revelations. Instead it’s page after page of “one teammate” suggesting Rodriguez did something wrong. Or “a player” insinuating that he...

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A-Rod’s Return is Perfectly Timed

This offseason could not have been any worse for Alex Rodriguez, as the publication of the Joe Torre memoir, steroid allegations emerging from the Selena Roberts book, and a torn labrum in his hip caused him to get crucified by the media and Yankee fans.  While A-Rod has been out and recovering from hip surgery,...

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What’s up with Mo?

Mo’s start to this season has been pretty brutal. After a brilliant Spring Training, Mo has thrown 11.1 innings this season and allowed 15 hits, with 4 of them being home runs. I’d like to assign some blame for the HRs being the new stadium, but the other two happened in Detroit and Fenway. We...

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Another One Down? Molina May Hit DL

Really, we can’t catch a break this season. I wasn’t watching the game tonight due to a combination of my exile in New England (only 2 weeks left) and Star Trek, but Peter Abraham posted:

Jose Molina (left quad) appears headed for the DL based on what Joe Girardi said tonight.

Brian Cashman can make an...

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Minors Recap, 5/7

Scranton defeats Indianapolis, 7-2 (7 innings)

  • Casey Fossum, recently signed to fill a hole in the rotation, pitched well in his Yankee debut.  In 5 innings, Fossum allowed a run on 4 hits and a walk, while striking out 2.
  • Anthony Claggett gave up a run on 2 hits in 2 innings.
  • Todd Linden was 2 for 4...
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Many Manny thoughts

Another physician with experience in international drug-testing said LH and HCG are occasionally prescribed for men “whose testicles have basically stopped functioning.”

The physician, who asked for anonymity because of his standing in the drug-testing community, said HCG is used to re-stimulate the testicles, primarily in men with a history of steroid use.

Ramirez tested positive for the substance during spring training, then had another portion of the same urine – a ‘B’ sample – tested again more recently, and it also was positive. Major League Baseball notified Ramirez of the second positive test after Wednesday night’s Dodgers victory over the Washington Nationals.

A history of steroid use“. Let that sink in for a moment. This doesn’t appear to be the “I took HGH a few times to get back on the field” excuse that Pettitte used, does it?

Let the fact that this has been hanging over Manny for at least 6 weeks also sink in.…

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