Even Peter Abraham Admits A-Rod Book Is False

Peter Abraham is going through the Selana Roberts book right now. His reaction:

Because Roberts broke the story in February about Rodriguez having tested positive for steroids use, I wrongly assumed the book would include other revelations. Instead it’s page after page of “one teammate” suggesting Rodriguez did something wrong. Or “a player” insinuating that he did something else. “Friends” of Rodriguez paint him in unflattering terms.

In her postscript, Roberts acknowledges the use of 19 anonymous sources. But no explanation is given as to why these sources needed anonymity. It’s also unclear whether the 19 sources were used equally or whether one or two sources provided the bulk of the information. We’re supposed to trust her judgment, apparently.

Even those facts that could be documented are not. Roberts, for instance, reports that notorious Dominican trainer Angel Presinal was signed into major league clubhouses by security officers while attending to Rodriguez. But no dates or places are given.

But she doesn’t prove anything beyond that he’s not particularly well-liked by his teammates and says a lot of dumb things.

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A-Rod’s Return is Perfectly Timed

This offseason could not have been any worse for Alex Rodriguez, as the publication of the Joe Torre memoir, steroid allegations emerging from the Selena Roberts book, and a torn labrum in his hip caused him to get crucified by the media and Yankee fans.  While A-Rod has been out and recovering from hip surgery, his team has struggled in his absence.  A litany of injuries, slow starts by the big-ticket free agent signees, and a mediocre bullpen have put the Yankees under .500 for the season, and they are currently on a losing streak.

With the team struggling, and the combined batting average of Yankee 3rd-basemen just over .200, A-Rod has the opportunity to step in and be a savior.  Even if he is not at his best right away, he will almost certainly be an upgrade over the 3 Stooges (Ransom, Berroa, Pena).  If Alex can get off to a quick start and help the Yankees start winning again, the fans will once again embrace him and overlook his nightmare offseason. … Click here to read the rest

Recap: Yanks Fall To Rays Again As Mo Gives It Up

What Happened

In what seems to be a recurring theme for this team, the Yankees fell behind twice, clawed back on the strength of Johnny Damon’s bat, and then blew the game due to their bullpen. This time, Andy Pettitte allowed 5 runs in 6 innings, and Jose Veras allowed a run in 2 innings of work. Damon had a two run double and a two run homer, the second coming with two outs in the 8th to tie the game at 6. Mariano Rivera entered the game for the 9th and gave up back to back home runs to Crawford and Longoria, and the Yankees shockingly had their 5th consecutive defeat.

What I Liked

1) Johnny Damon- it seems like I write about Damon every day. He has been the lone bright spot on this homestand, coming through in every big spot that he has been in. If he continues to play this well, it may be difficult for the Yankees to let him go after the season.… Click here to read the rest

What’s up with Mo?

Mo’s start to this season has been pretty brutal. After a brilliant Spring Training, Mo has thrown 11.1 innings this season and allowed 15 hits, with 4 of them being home runs. I’d like to assign some blame for the HRs being the new stadium, but the other two happened in Detroit and Fenway. We all know his velocity is down a few ticks and he’s coming off shoulder surgery. Is this one of his annual blips on the radar, or at 39 years old the beginning of the end?

John over at Pinstripe Alley has a piece up, discussing this:

In the post game show tonight on YES, Joe Girardi admitted that Mariano Rivera’s surgically repaired shoulder has been bothering him for a while now. He said it wasn’t a major issue, but that it just seems to be a little tired which is affecting his velocity. Say, what? Is he kidding me?

A depressed Rivera said afterwards that his shoulder isn’t really hurting him, but that his velocity is down.

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Another One Down? Molina May Hit DL

Really, we can’t catch a break this season. I wasn’t watching the game tonight due to a combination of my exile in New England (only 2 weeks left) and Star Trek, but Peter Abraham posted:

Jose Molina (left quad) appears headed for the DL based on what Joe Girardi said tonight.

Brian Cashman can make an overnight trade, Kevin Cash and Chris Stewart
are the catchers at Triple-A Scranton. I would think one of them will
be summoned.

A 40-man roster move will have to be made. That could be Angel Berroa.

I still think that P.J. is the right choice, but the Yankees will likely go with someone with major league experience. Honestly, I think that now is the time for a trade. Ian Stewart and Kevin Cash are going to hit worse than most NL Pitchers, and the Yankees can’t keep that in the lineup every day. Francisco Cervelli will be overexposed, and there aren’t any good options on the farm.… Click here to read the rest

Minors Recap, 5/7

Scranton defeats Indianapolis, 7-2 (7 innings)

  • Casey Fossum, recently signed to fill a hole in the rotation, pitched well in his Yankee debut.  In 5 innings, Fossum allowed a run on 4 hits and a walk, while striking out 2.
  • Anthony Claggett gave up a run on 2 hits in 2 innings.
  • Todd Linden was 2 for 4 with a double.  He’s hitting .352 on the season, and one begins to wonder if he would be more of an asset to the big-league roster than Brett (1-dimensional) Gardner.
  • John Rodriguez was 1 for 2 with a walk.
  • Juan Miranda was 1 for 4 with a double.
  • Austin Jackson was 0 for 4 with 2 strikeouts, but is still hitting .365.

Scranton defeats Indy, 9-3 (7 innings, game 2)

  • Steven Jackson started, giving up a run on 4 hits in 4 innings of work, and striking out 2.
  • Kevin Russo was 2 for 2 with 2 walks, raising his average to .467 on the season. 
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Many Manny thoughts

Another physician with experience in international drug-testing said LH and HCG are occasionally prescribed for men “whose testicles have basically stopped functioning.”

The physician, who asked for anonymity because of his standing in the drug-testing community, said HCG is used to re-stimulate the testicles, primarily in men with a history of steroid use.

Ramirez tested positive for the substance during spring training, then had another portion of the same urine – a ‘B’ sample – tested again more recently, and it also was positive. Major League Baseball notified Ramirez of the second positive test after Wednesday night’s Dodgers victory over the Washington Nationals.

A history of steroid use“. Let that sink in for a moment. This doesn’t appear to be the “I took HGH a few times to get back on the field” excuse that Pettitte used, does it?

Let the fact that this has been hanging over Manny for at least 6 weeks also sink in.… Click here to read the rest