Doug Glanville: Pitch Tipping Report Mistaken

Doug Glanville, who has no interest either way in helping or hurting Alex Rodriguez, writes one of the best defenses of him that I’ve read. In the New York Times today:

How would this scheme have been missed for Alex’s entire career? We all know that every time he plays, the camera zooms in on him. Opposing teams watch him obsessively, studying film endlessly. The “A-Rod cam” is on full tilt all the time. So, over a period of years, did the best in the business, the brightest analysts and teammates, miss that he was doing this for his roommate from the year before, or maybe for his cousin’s favorite player? Or did they know it but were afraid to come forward? Is it possible that all of these experts had their heads in the sand?

A more likely scenario for how he may have been tipping pitches: he was sending signals to his own team, something that could easily be stolen by a sage opponent.

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Reader mail: The "corporate" Yanks

So I am watching the Yankee pregame today (vs Sox) when the following thought occurred to me:

When did the Yankees go from being an institution of winning, a paragon of power, to…..this? When you watch the Yankees, do you get a sense that they are inherently better than their opposition? I don’t. I remember watching them against the Rays, the Royals, the Tigers….all this season….wondering if they were going to win THAT game? I see them tonight against the Sox wondering if they’re going to win THIS game!

Can you remember…not all that long ago….being surprised when the Yankees lost a game where the star pitcher was starting? Cone…. Pettitte….. Wells…. Guidry…. whoever. Now when Sabathia takes the mound, we think “Can they win this game tonight?” No matter who they are playing. It’s kinda like Team USA in Basketball….the world caught up. Only with Team USA, they actually DID something about it. They got hungry. They got angry.

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Posada to the DL, WFAN reports

Sweeny Murti of WFAN radio is reporting that Jorge Posada, who injured him hamstring last night, will be placed on the DL with a strain. No word on how long he will be out or who is likely to replace him on the roster, but the 2 most likely candidates are Scranton catcher PJ Pilittere and Trenton catcher Francisco Cervelli.

Cervelli has the advantage of being on the 40-man roster already, but Pilittere has the advantage of experience at a higher level, and is hitting better than Cervelli so far this season (.317/.349/.488 vs. .190/.266/.310 for Cervelli). Neither guys are expect to be much offensively, but both call good games and are solid defensively. Regardless of who is called up to replace Posada, the Yankee offense just took a big hit, and hopefully Jorge is not out long. The Yankees will need A-Rod back and healthy even more than before.  Time for the pitching and Mark Teixeira to step up.

EJ – Update 4:38 PM From Peter Abraham:

UPDATE, 3:46 p.m.

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Around the Blogosphere

Sharpe’s Peril release The international free agent signing period doesn’t begin for another 2 months, but it is always fun to keep track of the rumored signings and the mysterious top prospects.  There is rarely much reliable information out there, and most of the info often comes by way of subscriber sites such as Baseball America and  However, there is a new blog called Dominican Baseball Universe (no relation to our site), whose writer appears to be very in touch with the Dominican amateur scene, that looks like it will have some good information on the potential amateur signings.

The writer for DBU, speaks highly of Mark Newman (the Yankees’ senior VP of baseball operations and scouting director) and the Yankees’ international scouting team as being among the best at what they do (along with the international scouting team from the Red Sox, Rangers, and Padres).

You know that someone here is well known because of the way people refer to them, Mark Newman over here is just Newman, people talk of him as he was their neighbor, some guys even think that Newman is living in the Dominican Republic, any day you can find Newman in his short shorts old NBA style talking in Spanish with just about anyone, even if the Yankees are the richest team in baseball you can’t say that they just sit down and let money talk, those guys do their jobs.

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