Burnett and Wang shut down Rangers, 9-2

After a rough outing by Joba Chamberlain and the bullpen last night led to a frustrating loss, it was up to AJ Burnett to get the Yankees back on track, taking on Ranger rookie Derek Holland, a big-time pitching prospect.  The Yankees helped Burnett out right away by getting ahead against Holland early, something they have done consistently during their recent stretch of successful play. Derek Jeter got the first inning going by recording the first of his 3 hits in the game, a liner to center field.  After Johnny Damon, the only Yankee without a hit today, struck out, Continue reading Burnett and Wang shut down Rangers, 9-2

Injury Updates: Bruney, Melky, and Posada

Pete Abe comes up with the news: Melky Cabrera: He had an MRI and will be sent back to New York tomorrow to be examined by team doctor Chris Ahmad. The initial diagnosis is that he will be out 5-7 days. If it’s more than that, they will probably DL him and call up an infielder. That does not sound too bad. Gardner has been playing well lately, so the club should survive without Melky for a bit. I just hope that the injury does not pull Melky out of his incredible groove. Furthermore, it seems that the offense is Continue reading Injury Updates: Bruney, Melky, and Posada

Discussion: The All Star Game

Ben over at RAB had the following to say about the ASG: buy The Tailor of Panama For some reason, Major League Baseball insists on turning the All Star Game, a glorified exhibition for the game’s best players, into something that plays a determining role in the World Series, the game’s crowning event. It doesn’t make sense. It never will; it never has; and as long as the All Star Game continues to count, the popular fan vote method of balloting will continue to be utterly absurd. The link between the ASG and home field really does not bother me. Continue reading Discussion: The All Star Game

Joba On Right Pace

Joba Chamberlain has had an eventful week, as he was hit on the knee by a line drive in the first inning of one start and only lasted 4 innings in the next one. While these two aborted starts were not fun to watch or live in the same city as Mike Francesa after, they did come with one interesting benefit. According to ESPN, Joba is now on pace to throw 152 innings this season, which is about where most are speculating his innings cap to be set. Of course, the Yankees want Joba to go deeper into games and Continue reading Joba On Right Pace

What the #$@#!&#!! are the Yankees doing with Chien-Ming Wang?

You’d think that any problems with your number 2 starter would be watched very, very carefully.  You would think that a young, inexpensive pitcher who throws a 95mph sinker would merit some special attention. You’d think that rehabilitation for a guy that won 19 games in back-to-back seasons despite being a ground ball pitcher backed by the worst defense in recent memory would be of the highest priority for your baseball team.  Why is it, then, that the New York Yankees don’t even seem to have a plan (or a clue) when it comes to the health of Chien-Ming Wang? Continue reading What the #$@#!&#!! are the Yankees doing with Chien-Ming Wang?

Vote For Manny

In a fit of insanity, I created a new site called “Vote for Manny“. Why would I possibly try to help Manny get elected as a starter to the 2009 All Star Game?


I think it’d be wonderful to watch MLB (Selig & Co.) uncomfortably try to figure out a new policy on the fly to keep him out of the game. Rather than proactively inact a rule similar to the NFL’s “Shawne Merriman rule“, the league is simply hoping that good ole Manny doesn’t get voted as a starter. They can then strongarm manager Charlie Manuel into not selecting Manny. (Even if Torre is his bench coach!)

Except one thing: We’re here to make sure Manny makes the Top 3.

Guess what? He’s already at #4 with over 1.2 million votes.

So what can you do?

Click here to

Vote early and often, kids.


My quick thoughts on the stupidity surrounding the All Star game:

If I were Commish for a day, I’d do the following about the All Star Game (note the OR between the 2nd and 3rd points):

  • Eliminate the World Series home field advantage gimmick. PERIOD. Let the overall records decide who EARNED the home field advantage.
  • Eliminate mandatory representation by every club. It was one thing when there just twenty-something teams, but with 30, too many inferior players are being named at the expense of more qualified players.
  • Expand the roster sizes to accomodate the expansion in the number of teams. If you do this, you can keep mandatory representation. Open the rosters to 35 and eliminate the handwringing.

My sights/thoughts from the last ASG (@ Yankee Stadium):

Continue reading Vote For Manny

New PED bust in FLA; Nats mentioned

A major drug bust took place in Central Florida and the main source, Richard Thomas, implicated the Washington Nationals as having players amongst his clients. (emphasis mine)

What investigators aren’t sure of is whether Richard Thomas, 35, is telling the truth when he said he is the biggest steroid provider in Central Florida and that he sold mostly to professional athletes, including those on the Washington Capitals hockey team and Washington Nationals baseball team.
The sheriff said when Thomas was asked whether he had sold steroids to professional athletes, he replied, “
You name the sport, and I’ve sold steroids to athletes who play it.”

More to come as I learn more.

For additional details/commentary, please check here or here. Thanks to Anthony Roberts for the tip.

Continue reading New PED bust in FLA; Nats mentioned

Selig Cuts MLB Draft Bonuses

From Craig Calcaterra for NBC Sports: Maury Chass reports that Major League Baseball is putting the screws to the owners to keep signing bonuses down this year: Bud Selig has repeatedly cautioned clubs about the economy, and at the owners’ meeting last Thursday he told them he was doing something about it and sternly advised them to listen. The commissioner told the owners that his office planned to roll back the recommended signing bonuses for the June 9 amateur draft by 10 percent . . . The clubs will get their rolled back numbers this week. The slotting system is confidential, Continue reading Selig Cuts MLB Draft Bonuses

Yankees Fall 7-3 To Rangers As Joba Struggles

Melky Cabrera strained his shoulder running into the wall in the first inning last night, and has an MRI scheduled for later today. He said that it does not feel too bad and that it should only keep him out a few days. We shall see. Joba Chamberlain looked awful last night, going just 4 innings and allowing 3 runs on 4 hits and 4 walks. He struggled with his velocity and location all night, and was once again weak in the first inning. Coming off a 9 day layoff and a knee injury, he has an excuse, but be Continue reading Yankees Fall 7-3 To Rangers As Joba Struggles