The Bandbox: Do We Care?

Good ole’ Wally Matthews chimes in with his take on the New Yankee Stadium: Whatever it is, the franchise that took ownership of the home run, whose players have hit some of the most famous home runs in baseball history – The Babe’s called shot, Reggie’s three on three consecutive World Series pitches, The Mick’s blast off the façade – has turned the game’s most impressive individual accomplishment into something just about anyone can do. This cannot have been the intention of architects who designed this launching pad or team executives who approved its design. The original Stadium had a Continue reading The Bandbox: Do We Care?

Friday fun: Stanley Cup errors, including "ass man"

This post’s header should boost my Google search results…

I’ve discussed this before, my greatest sports fandom moment isn’t baseball-related. It’s the 1994 Rangers championship. That being said, there are some awesome things about hockey that I love, even though I don’t watch much of it anymore.

Like spelling errors on the Stanley Cup. I’ve heard/seen many of these, either in stories or in person, but this one was new to me:
One cup quirk isn’t actually a mistake, but a victim of an unfortunate change in popular lexicon. Frank Selke was an assistant manager for the Maple Leafs when they won the cup in 1945. His title is abbreviated as “ass man.” Says Philip Pritchard of the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, “We don’t tell a lot of people about the ass man,” he says. “Players love the story, though.

Who isn’t, Frank Selke? Who isn’t? And what does the title of “ass train” mean, too?

Wait, the coach of the 1945 MapleLeafs was named “Happy Day”?

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The Steal of Home And ESPN

Dan Turkenkopf posted an article on stealing home at The Hardball Times today, and his findings were too juicy to ignore. He found 25 instances of an attempted straight steal of home since 2000, with 15 successful and 10 failing. There was one particular team that was victimized four times, and one pitcher that was embarrassed three times. That team, of course, is the Yankees, and the pitcher is Andy Pettitte. Pettitte has been on the losing end of a straight steal of home three times: once by Jacoby Ellsbury, once by lightning quick Aaron Hill, and once by world Continue reading The Steal of Home And ESPN

The rebellion of the rich

More fun/shame at the expense of the soldiers minding the moat (emphasis mine):

The combination of food and security collided inside the Stadium Wednesday night. This had nothing to do with high-profile broadcasters or players’ wives. This was a rebellion of the rich. In that expensive area downstairs – the one with the empty seats – there are seemingly more waiters and waitresses, serving free food, than there are patrons.

On Wednesday, it got so crazy that the fan-elite started tossing ice cream sandwiches over the moat to peasants sitting in the $400 “cheap” seats. This did not sit well with Toastie security forces, who began scolding their most prized customers. The lecture from security prompted a guy in the rich seats to say: “I paid for this food, I can do with it what I want!”

Yeah, let them eat ice cream (sandwiches).

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Peavy: scared or smart?

By now, everyone’s aware of Peavy’s decision to stay in the comfy expanses of the wonderful land of San Diego. [I case you are new here, I’ve spent umpteen hours discussing Peavy and why a trade is not only inevitable, but necessary for the franchise.] There are a few reasonable reasons for this decision that I can consider:

  1. He loves SD too much to leave / His family does not want to leave
  2. He really likes to bat 3-6 times a week
  3. He knows how great a pitcher’s park Petco really is
  4. He knows how much of a hitter’s park US Cellular Field is, especially for FB pitchers
  5. He’s flat out scared about pitching in the AL on a full time basis

Let’s scratch the surface on these points, shall we?

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Wang Called Back

Chien-Ming Wang was expected to start for SWB tonight, as the Yankees were hoping to see his improved sinker manifest itself in a game after he had displayed it in a bullpen session before team officials. However, with Joba Chamberlain bruising his knee and the bullpen going 8.2 innings last night, those plans have changed. From Mark Feinsand: Chien-Ming Wang will be back with the Yankees for Friday night’s game against the Phillies. After Joba Chamberlain’s first-inning knee injury drained the bullpen on Thursday night, the Yankees ordered Wang – who was on his way to Pawtucket to pitch Friday Continue reading Wang Called Back

Minors Recap, 5/21

Scranton pounds Pawtucket, 14-1 George Kontos started, giving up just 2 hits and 2 walks in 6 scoreless innings, with 1 strikeout.  He lowered his ERA to 2.45 with this outing. Romulo Sanchez, recently acquired, gave up a solo homer in 1 inning of work. Edwar Ramirez, recently demoted, struck out 2 and allowed 2 hits in 2 shutout innings. Austin Jackson was 1 for 4 with a double and 2 walks. Todd Linden was 2 for 6 with 2 doubles. Shelley Duncan was 1 for 4 with his 12th home run and a walk. Juan Miranda was 2 for Continue reading Minors Recap, 5/21

Joba leaves game in 1st inning with injury

After retiring Brian Roberts, Joba was hit in the knee on a liner up the middle by Adam Jones. While Joba was able to record the out, he appeared to be in pain and was limping. After surrendering singles to Nick Markakis and Aubrey Huff, Girardi pulled Joba, replacing him with Alfredo Aceves. I’ll update as I find out more about the injury, but to me it doesn’t look like he broke a bone. It’s most likely a bruise, which could cause swelling and stiffness. Update: Joba’s X-Ray was negative, so it appears that it is just a bruised knee.  Continue reading Joba leaves game in 1st inning with injury

Rick Reilly: Commissioner From Hell

Rick Reilly wrote a column this week about what he might do were he commissioner of baseball. Being that this is the worst column ever, I figured we would rip it to shreds, FJM style: I personally find baseball so crushingly boring I would happily plunge knitting needles into my eyes to avoid another snap zoom of Joe Torre’s nostril hairs. But my buddies like it, so I sit and watch with them. And bitch. Ahh, the old “tell the reader that I hate the thing I am writing about so they will take my critique seriously” move. Rick, you Continue reading Rick Reilly: Commissioner From Hell