Is Hughes the new Joba? Huh?

You can count me as one of those who loves what he sees with Hughes’ emergence in the Yanks bullpen. He can handle two big innings, throws heat, gets the ball to either Bruney or Mo.

Sure, he’s a starter toiling in the bullpen right now, but given the depth of their rotation (especially with Wang making some improvements), I think Hughes should remain here at least until Joba hits his inning limits.

Not by coincidence, Hughes’ velocity has seen a jump since he moved to the bullpen, even though this wasn’t the original plan. Of course Hughes would prefer to stick in the big leagues — the pay, travel, everything is better; no one grows up dreaming of pitching in Triple-A — but even though relieving isn’t his first choice, Joe Girardi and Brian Cashman have been impressed by his open mind.

Let’s not forget that Hughes isn’t far removed from being touted as a top prospect, so we shouldn’t be completely stunned that he’s finding success. But, looking to cut off another Joba Chamberlain debate at the pass, the Yankees are making sure people know Hughes really is a starter masquerading as a reliever.

Joba should be a starter. For good. I also understand that the Yanks will try to cap his innings around the 150-175 mark. In other words, Joba’s pitched almost half his season already, having thrown 75.2 innings thus far this year, making 14 starts. So when Joba gets closer to 150 innings, I could see Hughes and Joba possibly swapping roles, allowing them to remain effective and fresh.

Of course, there are the playoffs, should they make it. I’d like to believe that Joba, assuming all else is the same, is the #3 starter in any playoff rotation. Does it make sense to remove Joba from the starting rotation in September, only to toss him back in it in October? Or just cap his innings on a game-by-game basis, stopping at 6 innings?

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Mets search for character via an OF fence: FAIL

Disclaimer: I have not been to CitiField.

I have, however, spent the weekend watching the games played at CitiField. What they have seemingly tried to do, by creating a stadium with “character” via kooky OF lines, is just stupid. Mets fans, if you know this already, please allow me to be the last seat on the bus since it’s not exactly new.

From all I have heard, CitiField is great. Except for the fact that the entire front lobby/theater is dedicated to the Dodgers, not the Mets, of course. I’m supportive of deeper dimentions to suppress offense; Yankee Stadium is playing ridiculous so far.

What’s absurd:

  1. The OF lines that have sought to create an artificial “character” to the park. You can click on the blueprint to the right for a larger view of just how silly these lines are. I’m good with a big park, but these angles and nooks are just silly.
  2. The equally wacky, random and varying OF wall heights.

“If you click on the aerial shot of CitiField or the NY Times diagram, you will get a pretty good view of these random and varied OF wall heights. This has to be the reason why Instant Replay MUST remain in the game. Just look at this stupidity. Starting at the left field pole, you come out a few feet horizontally, then dip down. After that dip, you have an angling wall height for a seating section-and-a-half, from 12 feet to 15 feet. The wall remains the same height until you approach center field, where it dips down a few feet (to 11′) again until it gets to The Apple (16′), where it rises back to the previous height (11′). After The Apple, the wall again dips (8′) and seemingly follows the same height as the right field begins to jut out and then recede for no good reason. As you get to that right field depression, the fence rises to (18′) make room for the Modells sign. Nice work, Modells, getting some prime real estate. It actually looks like the park’s dimentions were modified to fit advertising, not the other way around. As you get to the right corner, the wall angles inward while the height becomes quite low (8′).
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Felix and the future

Here’s Buster Olney (ESPN) discussing Mariners’ ace, Felix Hernandez: But so long as Hernandez remains healthy, he will continue to climb toward what figures to be a monster contract. He is still just 23 years old, and he is on track to become a free agent after the 2011 season. CC Sabathia Alexander dvdrip The Sicilian Catch and Release trailer Conan the Barbarian the movie got a six-year, $161 million contract when he was 28 years old. Johan Santana got his record deal when he was 28 years old. Ferdinand the Bull trailer Big Top Pee-wee film Pulse 3 release Continue reading Felix and the future

Gene Michael: Yanks almost traded Mo for Wells in ’95

John Harper of The Daily News writes that in 1995, then-GM Gene Michael (who gets a lot of credit for building the Yankee dynasty of the late 90’s), almost traded Rivera (then a minor league starter) for David Wells.  Rivera was not a highly-hyped prospect who was throwing in the low-90’s following elbow surgery.  The Tigers included Rivera on a list of players that they would want in exchange for Wells, but when Michael found out that Rivera began throwing 95-96, he didn’t pull the trigger. Godzilla’s Revenge hd This very well might have been a franchise-altering move, since Mo Continue reading Gene Michael: Yanks almost traded Mo for Wells in ’95

Prospect Profile: Ivan Nova

Flicker dvd Age:  22 Height:  6’4″ Weight:  210 pounds Throws: Right Plutopia movie download Current Team:  Scranton/Wilkes Barre Yankees (AAA) Scouting Report: Nympha dvd Nova, signed out of the Dominican Republic as a free agent in 2004, seems like he has been around the Yankee system forever.  A tall righty, Nova has always been considered to have some of the best pure stuff in the pitching-heavy Yankee system.  He has a low-90’s 4-seam fastball that reaches 94 with good movement that he uses to record many groundball outs.  He has an above-average changeup with plus potential, as well as a Continue reading Prospect Profile: Ivan Nova

The Cost Of Looking Good (Guess These Players!!)

.!. Let’s compare two players without revealing who they are until later, just so that I can surprise you with a point that surprised me. Both players are in their age 28 season and have been in the majors for 6 seasons. Player B’s first two seasons were better than Player A’s, but I am going to ignore that fact and look at the numbers for the last 4 seasons, including the current year. My Stepson, My Lover film Moondance Alexander move OPS+ Player A: 120, 122, 111, 95 Player B: 125, 127, 92, 127 Doubles/Homers/RBI/Runs Star Trek full movie Continue reading The Cost Of Looking Good (Guess These Players!!)

Yanks Trade for Eric Hinske

.!. This news from Joel Sherman’s Twitter feed. The Yankees just acquired Eric Hinske from the Pirates for two minor leaguers who were termed by Sherman as being not “significant.” Hinske is a versatile 31 year-old who can put in time at 1b, 3b and OF.  Hinske’s current line sits at .255, .373, .368 which is pretty close to his career averages (a little higher slugging and lower OBP is the norm for him).  He’s a nice, versatile bench player to have on your roster. With the addition of Hinske, the recent signing of the independent league all-star 3b, and Continue reading Yanks Trade for Eric Hinske

The official IIATMS launch posting

Welcome to the official launch of the all new and improved It’s About The Money, Stupid.”

For those of you here from my old site, a big welcome to the new digs. Thanks for making the trek. There’s some cold ones in the fridge; help yourself. Your loyalty is humbling and I’m thrilled you have chosen to continue with me here.

For those of you new to IIATMS, thank you. Briefly about me and IIATMS:

  • This is a baseball blog, mostly. I will take random detours, but not too many.
  • This blog has a distinct Yankees tilt, but I’ve strived, and will continue to strive, to make this not a “typical Yankee blog”. I’ve spent the last year and a half trying to convince you (and me) that the previous statement is as true as possible. If not, call me out on it.
  • I don’t live in my parents basement. I’m a resident of Westchester County NY, a quick drive from Yankee Stadium. I’m married with two amazing boys (ages 6 and 9) who are huge baseball fans (as if they had any choice). I’m a finance guy by trade and training.
  • I have some wonderful readers/followers/blogging friends who will hopefully make this a great destination. Please feel free to use the Forums to chat it up (there’s a link atop the page). I need your help there!
  • I’ve included both “My Daily Circuit” and a blogroll highlighting some of the best the baseball-centric blogosphere has to offer, including many smaller/newer sites that produce some amazing content. Please visit them all. Tell them I say hi.
  • I welcome your comments and discussion; it’s the reason why I started this in the first place. Feel free to disagree all you wish. My only request is that we keep it civil.
  • I’ve been able to port most of my postings from the last year and a half of writing. There’s an Archive button up top. Articles are sorted by year, then month. I’ve also added a Search field to the right.

I’m still unpacking the boxes and getting used to the new set-up and interface. Please don’t hesitate to contact me or let me know if there’s something you don’t like, understand, etc.

Most of all, thank you.

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Papelbon gets it right (for once)

Here’s Jonathan Papelbon discussing Mariano Rivera’s 500th save (via Lisa Winston): “He’s been able to do it with consistency year in and year out, and that’s what’s really impressive, especially in the American League East,” said Papelbon, who has been named to the AL All-Star team in each of his three full big league seasons and hopes to make it four in a row. “Hopefully I’ll be able to give him personal congratulations in St. Louis.” Papelbon is on a similar pace, with 35 saves in 2006, 37 in ’07, 41 in ’08 and 18 so far heading into the Continue reading Papelbon gets it right (for once)