Is Hughes the new Joba? Huh?

How do you handle these two young guns? I don’t have the answers. But I keep looking for them.
Do you let them throw as long as they are healthy and effective? Or do you continue to baby the hell out of them, ever fearing the worst? Do you have to develop a way to separate “easy innings” from “high stress” innings. Are “easy innings” innings in which the pitcher gets out in under 12 pitches? Are “high stress” innings those that require greater than 18 pitches? After all, all innings are not created equal.

I’ve listened to/read Goose Gossage, Jim Kaat and Tommy John recently, discussing how they believe pitchers need to train to go longer in games. The old “you don’t train to run a marathon by running 2 miles” analogy. I had been a big believer in the protecting of arms at all costs, but I have come around to more of the old school approach.…

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Mets search for character via an OF fence: FAIL

This makes sense why? Just to be different? To add character? The ballpark didn’t have to be cookie-cutter and uniform, but why take it to an extreme like this? They could make it deep and have character without these “additions”. Just dumb. Why, too, are the poles and boundary lines in a reddish orange, not yellow?

The rest of the park looks great. I love the dark brickwork. Love the overall look of the stadium, but I just can’t get used to these walls and lines in the OF.


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Felix and the future

Here’s Buster Olney (ESPN) discussing Mariners’ ace, Felix Hernandez:

But so long as Hernandez remains healthy, he will continue to climb toward what figures to be a monster contract. He is still just 23 years old, and he is on track to become a free agent after the 2011 season. CC Sabathia Alexander...

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Gene Michael: Yanks almost traded Mo for Wells in ’95

John Harper of The Daily News writes that in 1995, then-GM Gene Michael (who gets a lot of credit for building the Yankee dynasty of the late 90’s), almost traded Rivera (then a minor league starter) for David Wells.  Rivera was not a highly-hyped prospect who was throwing in the low-90’s following elbow surgery. ...

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Prospect Profile: Ivan Nova

Age:  22

Height:  6’4″

Weight:  210 pounds

Throws: Right

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Current Team:  Scranton/Wilkes Barre Yankees (AAA)

Scouting Report:

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Nova, signed out of the Dominican Republic as a free agent in 2004, seems like he has been around the Yankee system forever.  A tall righty,...

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Yanks Trade for Eric Hinske


This news from Joel Sherman’s Twitter feed. The Yankees just acquired Eric Hinske from the Pirates for two minor leaguers who were termed by Sherman as being not “significant.” Hinske is a versatile 31 year-old who can put in time at 1b, 3b and OF.  Hinske’s current line sits at .255,...

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Papelbon gets it right (for once)

Here’s Jonathan Papelbon discussing Mariano Rivera’s 500th save (via Lisa Winston):

“He’s been able to do it with consistency year in and year out, and that’s what’s really impressive, especially in the American League East,” said Papelbon, who has been named to the AL All-Star team in each of his three full big league seasons...

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