Discussion: In Appreciation Of Cashman

Brian Cashman has a reputation for being notoriously reticent when dealing with the media. He often sidesteps questions or bluntly gives a ”no comment” when asked about sensitive issues. While this may seem annoying to some, the alternative leads to the debacle we saw in Queens this afternoon. Omar Minaya’s loose lips made the Tony Bernazard situation worse, and may have cost him his own job. It is hard to imagine Brian Cashman committing a similar gaffe, and for that, I tip my cap to Brian. No matter what you think of his player procurement abilities, he always represents the Yankees with class and dignity. Kudos to Cash.

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  1. As I listened to the press conference, I had the same reaction — Minaya was in far over his head. He is a clumsy public speaker under the best of circumstances, and today he simply came apart under the questions. And I suspect that the Yankees would never have permitted anyone in the organization to bring discredit upon it the way Bernazard did without severing ties a lot sooner. Of course, whoever decided to turn the event into an indictment of the motives of the reporter ought to have his head examined. All-in-all, a black day for New York’s lesser franchise.

    I have my reservations about Cashman but he certainly is far more adroit at handling the press than we saw from the Mets GM today.

  2. Very good observation, I’m glad somebody finally didn’t mock a GM. You hear so much bad talk around GMs throughout the year and not enough good talk.

  3. Omar is worse but Cashman’s moves have been pretty abysmal also.Nice to have all the money in the world and to go out and sign Tex, CC and AJ, by far the 3 best FA’s last season.That’s after years of many horrible decisions.
    How much would we have to give to get a decent young 4th-5th starter now.Everybody who knew him said Ohlendorf was a horse starter who threw 95 and could give you innings.

  4. Moshe Mandel: Really? You are complaining about Ohlendorf? He of the 4.51 ERA in the NL Central, a 90 ERA+. Listen, go look at all the GM’s you consider good. They have plenty of poor moves as well. Cashman has more good than bad, the team always contends, they have pieces at the minors that teams want. He is a good GM.

    Sorry, his history suggests that is not true.
    Blunder after blunder with the biggest payroll ever.If he’s a good GM, Theo Epstein is a Baseball god.
    He did do everything right last off season though and he has a good line of B.S. with the press.He’s smart about that and it helps him and his image with them and therefore us.

  5. This article is about the way Cashman handles the NY media and represents the Yankees, and he does a great job doing that. I can’t think of a better GM than him for that, regardless of his moves.

    Now, speaking of savy moves, I don’t get how many people just praises Theo everytime for his GM wisdom. Just look at the “depth” he got for nothing in the offseason: Penny, Smoltz, Baldelli and Saito. He was so smart that after he lost the Tex derby, he went cheap and flexible. That’s what everybody said. Now that those move don’t look so great nobody is saying anything bad about his smarts.