Yanks discussing Arroyo with the Reds

From Jeff Fletcher of AOL Fanhouse:

The Yankees are in serious discussions with the Reds about acquiring Bronson Arroyo, although right now the deal may be hinging on how much of Arroyo’s remaining contract the Reds are willing to eat, major league sources told FanHouse on Monday. “It will get done,” one source said.

I think this would be a terrible trade for the Yankees. Arroyo has been bad on the road and at home for the Reds. However, before condemning, let me try and understand the Yankees’ thinking for a moment. Over the past 3 seasons in particular, Arroyo has become a second-half performer. His post-AS splits include a 3.90 ERA, a 1.28 WHIP and a .254 BAA. Last season, he posted a 5.97 ERA prior to the All-Star break, and then put together a 3.47 ERA after the All-Star break. The Yankees are probably interested in those numbers. Let’s hope that, if Cashman does trade for Arroyo, his splits will translate to his old home, the AL East.

UPDATE – If Fletcher’s report is accurate, it would contradict Tyler Kepner’s writeup from earlier today, in which he noted that the Yankees “have zero interest in Bronson Arroyo of Cincinnati.”

UPDATE – According to FOX Sports, Arroyo’s start on Tuesday has been scratched due to ongoing trade talks. However, Mark Sheldon (MLB) claims that he’s still starting.

UPDATE – According to Ed Price, the Yankees have 2 scouts in Cincinnati and Arroyo is expected to start tomorrow. Still, the scouting presence in Cincy indicates that something is brewing, to paraphrase Price. I’d like to see the Yankees acquire Aaron Harang instead of Arroyo. Maybe we’ll hear more after tomorrow.

UPDATE – Is Hal Steinbrenner’s presence being felt? The Yankees seem to want the Reds to take on more of Arroyo’s contract. Others—like Tyler Kepner and Peter Abraham—are reporting that there’s no chance the Yankees go for Arroyo.

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8 thoughts on “Yanks discussing Arroyo with the Reds

  1. Arroyo has a 3.42 ERA in July, but don’t be fooled. That includes nine shut-out innings against New York’s AAA team in Queens

  2. What, Sidney Ponson isn’t available?

    Seriously, I hope this is a last-ditch, fall-back option if all else falls through.

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Yankees trade for both Snell and Arroyo…

    Cashman loves the “lightning in a bottle” method when filling out the rotation via trades. For instance, Shawn Chacon, Corey Lidle (RIP), and the like. I don’t like it, really, but it’s what he does.

  4. I think I get it now. Cashman is jealous of all the attention Minaya is getting, and decided to make a big splash….

    • Ha. I don’t think Cashman can top the amount of press Minaya is going to get. Unless, of course, he reacquires Carl Pavano :)

      • I’d rather have Pavano than Arroyo. He’ll do less damage as he won’t pitch.