Game #99 Recap

Thumbs Down:

Albaladejo: In .2 innings pitched he gave up 2 hits, 2 runs and a walk. He also hit Longoria with a pitch. Albaladejo wasn’t helped by Upton’s grounder down the third baseline, which appeared to take a funky hop off third and over A-Rod’s head for a double.

Runners In Scoring Position: While the final score may make this hard to believe, the Yankees were 3 for 12 with runners in scoring position.

Team LOB: The Yankees stranded 10 batters on base. In fact, the ninth inning was the first inning where the Yankees did not leave a batter on base – thank you Johnny Damon.

Thumbs Up:

AJ Burnett: When the Yankees signed Burnett in the off-season Yankee fans were mixed, particularly given his age, injury history and the crazy cash he is banking. Time will tell if he was worth the investment, but right now I don’t think you’ll hear any complaints. AJ picked up his 10th win, pitched 7 innings, gave up 2 hits, 1 run (unearned), 2 walks, and had 5 strikeouts. According to a Pete Abe tweet, AJ’s ERA in his last seven starts is 1.68!

Swisher: Homeruns from both sides of the plate for the ninth time in his career. He also managed not to trip over anything in the outfield, which is always a plus.

Cano: Robbie was on fire from the start today. He tripled, homered and walked twice.

Jeter: The Captain was 3-5 with 2 runs. He’s batting .325 this season and playing some fantastic defense.


What was that sign again? Cano or Melky missed a sign in the fourth, which resulted in Cano being caught stealing by a mile. Perhaps Cano would have had a chance if he hadn’t paused half way to second to give the “what’s going on?” look.

Bullpen: Obviously, Hughes was unavailable and Mo was only going to come in if he was needed. I thought today would have been the perfect time to give Melancon some time. I understand they want to be careful with him, but he hasn’t made it into a game since July 10th. If they aren’t going to use him, why is he not getting some innings down in Scranton?


Johnny Damon: His only hit of the night was his 200th career homerun!

David Robertson: He stopped the bleeding in the eighth and got through the ninth for his first major league save.

A-Rod: Happy 34th Birthday! He was a couple feet shy of a Birthday Bomb and had some words with the home plate ump, who seemed to have a tall strike zone, but he still got a double and 2 RBIs.

After the game, Damon said that this team has the best chemistry and talent of any team he’s played on. Obviously, he knows that will make the Yankees fans happy (particularly because that means the Red Sox of ’04 were not as good/cool right?), but it is believable with the way they are playing each night. Hopefully, they keep it going tonight when CC Sabathia takes on Scott Kazmir.

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