Yanks acquire Jason Hirsh

Not the blockbuster you’ve been hoping for, I’m sure, but from Tyler Kepner’s Twitter page, we learn that the Yankees have traded for right-hander Jason Hirsh of the Colorado Rockies. Kepner notes that the trade is for “depth at AAA.” Hirsh, 27 (and 6′ 8”), was actually a good pitcher with Houston before joining the Rockies, so maybe the change in scenery (i.e., altitude) will help him regain his form. Bryan Hoch says that Hirsh was traded for a PTBNL (player to be named later) and has been assigned to Scranton.

Also, Marc Carig tweets that Brett Tomko has been released.

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15 thoughts on “Yanks acquire Jason Hirsh

  1. So this does absolutely nothing and in fact I bet he never even wears pin stripes for the New York Yankees opposing batters are hitting over .350 against this cat and I hate to say it but right now if you can’t pitch in Colorado you can’t pitch in the New Yankee stadium. I really don’t see how you think he did well in Houston where he had a 6.04 ERA and this year he has an 8.31 ERA I really doubt he ever makes it up to the major club level. If we gave up anyone name player at all terrible trade.

    • If you click on the link I provided (“with Houston”), you’ll see why I said he was good with Houston (because, he was good with Houston). He was one of their top prospects. Take a look at his minor-league numbers in 05-06. Before the trade to Colorado, he was good.

  2. The guy has had rotator cuff injuries in his career (this year) and can’t even get out of Colorado’s triple A team and the deal is for a player to be named later. This isn’t even a band aid! This isn’t even a move I don’t even get making the move really just go get a starter adding “depth” doesn’t work when the guy SUCKS two IS A CAREER NL PITCHER and three HAS INJURY PROBLEMS. Go get somebody real unless the player to be named is Igawa what are you doing?

  3. No duh that’s why I said he would never make it to the major league level. It’s atrade that doesn’t do anything and is at best Cashman just trying to say he did something.. all this guy dose is ensure that if at some point we were going to call Igawa up we now have this guy instead. This is nothing more than a “see I tried” move by the front office and it’s insulting to the fans, this guy isn’t depth he is a body you claim to have whoopty doo!

    • It’s an organizational move. It helps the guys in Scranton. Cashman isn’t going to say, “See, I traded for Jason Hirsh! I tried to help!” This isn’t a big move and you’re totally overreacting here. You’re making it seem bigger than it is. As you said, it’s a body for AAA. It adds to their depth. How can you say the move doesn’t do anything, though, when the bullpen in Scranton is overworked? This helps them, specifically. Again, you’re reading into this too much and are overreacting.

  4. it’s one less player you are allowed to trade for someone else in a move that will never show any production the field and means less than the paper that the deal is written on! All I am saying is that if we don’t trade for a real starting pitcher than this guy will probably start at some point this season when Joba is shut down and your rotation becomes CC Sabathia, AJ Burnett, Andy Pettitte, Sergio Mitre and Hirsh/Igawa and we probably miss the playoffs if it comes down to a race the last month of the season. You could use the energy and time and the player to actually trade for a player you want to be on the major league level. It’s not that I think this is a move Cashman is going to brag about I think this is a move that doesn’t do anything and is a waste of a player and time but at least maybe Scranton win the world series.

    • You’re assuming this is the only move that will be made. We don’t know that yet. Plus, you have to factor in Hughes and Aceves. Do you actually think the Yankees will allow Igawa/Hirsh to start when they have Hughes and Aceves in the bullpen? Something has to give there and one of those guys would become a starter before we saw that duo.

  5. Basically I’m saying if they went out and got Snell I would be happier than this! This is not taking the race seriously it’s basically saying your fine with what we have and we aren’t and in fact with Wang gone for sure we are worse off than we were.

    • Yea, I definitely think Snell would have been a good pickup. I just think this move is nothing more than AAA depth to save the bullpen. How can the Yankees call up guys from Scranton and trust them to pitch in the Bronx when they’re worn out because the AAA rotation is depleted? This move does something, although its significance isn’t great.

  6. To respond Chris H I don’t see any move the Yankees could make without involving Hughes or Montero and I don’t think they let either go. I also don’t think you could send Hughes to the rotation with out first stretching him out in triple A and losing his innings at the major league level and Aceves I don’t want to see in the rotation his role in the pen is to valuable for him to struggle as a starter. It’s a lot more likely to end up with Mitre and Hirsh/Igawa in the rotation than I think you want to believe.

    • I see what you’re saying Chris H. (weird!), but you never know, the Phillies didn’t give up any of their top-top prospects for Cliff Lee, so Jarrod Washburn could be a very affordable player. The Yankees could also acquire a reliever or two, which would allow them to transition Hughes by letting him shadow Joba Chamberlain (that way, they wouldn’t have to lose his innings). I agree about Aceves, too, but if it’s between Hirsh and Igawa, I think they’ll choose Aceves (remember, Hirsh really is a guy that they want to keep in AAA for depth–at least for now).

  7. If you want nothing more than someone who can start in triple A and give you innings sign someone! Do you know how many worthless pitchers are out there that could eat up innings? You could get some older pitcher like we did with Fossum if you want to do that. Just doesn’t make sense to trade for someone you don’t want to ever use and the only way he sees playing time is if it’s the only move left to make.

  8. I am not sure if Snell makes Washburn available or completely untouchable because unlike last year Washburn is willing to re-sign with the Mariners so he may have become more expensive because they want to keep him. I am not sure if you could stretch Hughes out shadowing Joba unless you want Joba to pitch just 5 innings and then have Hughes pitch 4 and not throw like a reliever but change his mind set back to throwing 91 but now out of the pen…I think we would lose to many games trying that for it to work.