Frugality versus necessity

From Joel Sherman (NY Post):

The Yanks are among the teams that have checked in on Washburn. However, as of this afternoon the two sides still had not discussed names. In addition, Hal Steinbrenner has ruled that the team cannot take on significant money the rest of the season. That is a huge reason why the Yanks are not players on Roy Halladay. Washburn has about $3.7 million owed to him the remainder of the season, which could be a hurdle for the Yanks.

$3.7 million a hurdle for the Yankees? The Yankees can’t absorb that? Is this legit or is it just posturing? What’s interesting here is the dynamic Hal Steinbrenner adds to the Yankees. Hal is characterized as the frugal spender, one who is restrained and conservative with his wallet. However, is that merely an image that helps the Yankees posture with other teams, forcing them to eat significant chunks of a contract, or, is it actually true? He did open up the bank for Mark Teixeira, however, that was something that Brian Cashman had to convince him to do (reportedly). Based on what happens at the trade deadline, whether it involves Washburn or another player, we could find out what Hal’s all about in terms of his financial flexibility.

8 thoughts on “Frugality versus necessity

  1. Wow the Yankees have learned to negotiate through the media! Finally we don’t see reports of Hank to the Big Stein demanding that they sign somebody at any cost. Now we can act like the rest of the league and complain about our poor finances and use them as bargaining chips. I think that’s a positive change

    • Bingo. The Yanks claiming they cant take on any salary is pretty laughable. This translates into “I don’t want to give up any talent for your player, you’re lucky I’m taking his crazy salary.”

      • Definitely. They’re actually starting to build a pretty solid image with that (see the Hinske move, for example).

  2. I really doubt that 3 million is holding up a deal for Washburn, and truthfully I doubt that a new contract for Hallday is holding that up. I just think Hal isn’t as much of an impulse buyer as his dad is which is a good thing considering what Pavano and Kevin Brown and Mike Mussina and Giambi and others delivered.

    • Pavano and Brown I’ll give you but, Mussina and Giambi did ok for the team.
      One can say the same thing of all the teams that have made any moves at all.
      If there was a Cristal ball, no one would ever make a bad move, would they?

      • Mussina was a great signing. He had some amazing years for us. He should have two rings for us.

  3. Wrong fellas.Yanks income projects in the wrong direction and yes, money will matter with Wall Street gone and yes, Wall Street was 37% of NY’s economy before the crash.

  4. I think its a good thing. Listen to the other GM’s. NONE of them believe the Yankees can say “no.” This is why they try to hold us up for top prospects, or try to dump their shitty contracts on us. This has made it increasingly diffcult for the Yanks to deal. If the Yanks can walk away and leave Halladay, Lee and Washburn on the table this year it may give us more leverage the next.