In search of another OF

From Joel Sherman (NY Post):

Corey Patterson was recently put on outright waivers by the Nationals and the Yankees are considering signing him to fill in as the backup center fielder until Brett Gardner recuperates from his hand injury, the Post has learned.

Patterson is a notoriously frustrating player who never really delivered on his promise, though we’ve been treated to glimpses. He’ll always have offenisve “upside,” even at 30, but the Yankees don’t really care about that since his playing time would be limited. Instead, with Gardner on the DL, what they care about is defense and speed, which Corey Patterson offers in spades. The Yankees are interested in Josh Anderson for the same reason. Whether these moves occur or not, the rumblings regarding Patterson and Anderson signal Brett Gardner’s importance to the Yankees. He’s really been a key player for them in 2009.

5 thoughts on “In search of another OF

  1. We’ve also hear that the Mariners want Melky/Gardy for Washburn… I wonder if this is part of what will be an eventual move to get JW in the rotation.

  2. Yeah except the Mariners want both Gardner and Melky and there is absolutley no way they do that! also I really don’t expect them to trade Melky otherwise you have no one you can trust to spell Swisher or Damon and you would be assuring Gardner to bat everyday and when he struggles no one could spell him with a bat. I doubt Washburn goes anywhere.

  3. So I just read that the Mariners asked for either Joba or Hughes straight up for Washburn or they wouldn’t trade him and I am positive no one wants to trade a 23 year old for a 34 year old with no potential and an only average career. Could they be anymore dumb?

  4. The Yankees have come to realize the old adage; “Speed kills” is a truth. One can’t win on power alone anymore, good pitching can shut down big power hitters…as we have seen too many times.

  5. What are you talking about Ranger? The Yankees have the best stolen base percentage in baseball! Jeter has been stealing and Garner steals, even Arod has stolen over 7 bases… Girardi has put an emphasis on stealing and it has shown in the teams play,we don’t need Patterson to have “speed” because the guy can’t hit and once Gardner comes backwe would have 6 outfielders!