Wait, he still IS Roy Halladay

Allow me summarize a few thoughts:

  • He’s Roy Halladay. Perennial Cy Young candidate. Horse. The guy who helped AJ grow up and mature as a person and a pitcher. AL East tested.
  • Adding Halladay keeps him out of Boston’s hands, too. Last time I checked, that team is still a darned good one and capable of getting hot and not cooling off. I don’t think Tampa can absorb Halladay’s contract but if they decide to deal from their bevy of prospects, they will continue to scare me.
  • I would be really, really bummed to lose either Joba or Hughes, along with Jesus Montero and at least two other prospects. I think home grown pitchers are so much more fun to root for and we haven’t had many in the last 2 decades (Pettitte, Wang?).
  • Like many Sox fans feel about possibly losing Buchholz, that’s how I feel about losing either Joba or Hughes. I’m afraid that they’ll haunt the Yanks for years if dealt. But if not dealt, they’ll be only OK, not the superstars we want them to be.
  • Joba’s been doing well lately, but as we noted earlier today, 2009 hasn’t exactly been a breakout season.
  • Hughes has established himself as a late inning stud, though most (including himself) see him as a starter.
  • Montero can hit, but is he a catcher, longer term? He’s a really big guy. He’s not going to be a full time DH on the big club and 1B is blocked by that Teix dude. Plus, with Cervelli and the newly drafted Gary Sanchez, we’ve got catching depth on the farm once Posada retires.
  • He’s ROY HALLADAY! If you add him to Sabathia, Burnett, Joba (figuring Hughes would be the one to go) and Pettitte, that’s a ridiculous rotation. For the rest of this year and all of next year. That’s potentially two post-seasons of lining up Halladay, CC and AJ as your 1-2-3 in the playoffs.
  • Salary issues? Damon’s contract ($13m) is coming off the books next year. So is Matsui’s ($13m). So is Pettitte’s ($5.5m). So is Nady’s ($6.7m). Wang ($5m), due to his surgery, will sadly be gone, too. Maybe Damon and Pettitte come back for more reasonable dollars (Pettitte’s already been beaten down to reasonable). But that’s about $43 million of salary coming off the books next year. Halladay is scheduled to make $15.75m next year.
  • There’s a big difference in Halladay’s situation versus Santana’s. Santana was requiring a long term extenstion; Halladay’s planning on exploring free agency after 2010. Short term versus long term. Would I like to have Halladay longer term, sure. But I don’t HAVE to sign him now.

So, despite the machinations and teeth-gnashing, I really don’t think Halladay’s going anywhere. Which is fine by me. So long as he doesn’t wind up in Anaheim, Boston or Tampa.

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