What To Do With Joba

From John Harper:

Except all indications are that he will be back in the bullpen by then, as he has now accumulated 110 innings, which might leave him only a handful of starts before the Yankees put the brakes on him.
And with Chien-Ming Wang officially out for the season after undergoing shoulder surgery yesterday, and Phil Hughes locked in as the eighth-inning setup man, the Yankees have few options to replace Chamberlain.

Harper goes on to suggest that Joba has a maximum of 50 innings left, and that the Yankees therefore need Roy Halladay to round out the playoff rotation. While I disagree with Harper on Halladay, as they really need a 3rd starter like Jarrod Washburn or a healthy Justin Duchscherer, he raises a fascinating question. What will the Yankees do with Joba Chamberlain?

I would be extremely shocked if they did not have Joba pitching in the postseason. That leaves two possibilities:

1) Let Joba throw regularly until he is about 15 innings short of his limit. This should take him to the start of September. At that point, replace him in the rotation with either Alfredo Aceves, Phil Hughes, or, if the Yankees make a trade and subsequently remove Mitre from the rotation, reinsert Mitre. Shut Joba down until the final week of the season, and then give him 5 innings out of the bullpen to keep him sharp. Then you have him in the bullpen for the playoffs, and the playoff rotation is CC, AJ, Pettitte, Aceves/Hughes/trade acquisition.

2) Start Joba once more and then move him to the bullpen until late September, replacing him with Hughes/Aceves/trade. Give him 3 starts at the end of the season to stretch out, and then start him i9n game 3 of the ALCS.

I think it depends on who they acquire at the deadline. If they add Washburn, I think they will feel comfortable starting him in a playoff game, and will move Joba to the bullpen once he nears his limit. If they cannot obtain a reliable starter, you may see them do something like option 2.

What do you think the Yankees should do with Joba?

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  1. Remind me again why he can’t pitch 180-200 innings this year? Assuming 10 more regular season starts and 3 playoff starts (hopefully) with an average of 6 innings would put him at 190.
    I really don’t see the Yankees trading for another top flight pitcher and our playoff rotation with be CC, AJ, Andy and Joba. With Hughes, Aceves, Coke and Mo the only relivers we will see in tight spots. Mitre would be long relief and Bruney, Albie or anyone else would hopefully never see the light of day.

  2. they outta skip his starts on offdays if absolute nessasary and limit him to no more than 100 pitches an inning they are making way to big a deal out of this innings dont hurt the arm only long laborous games with 110 in 5 innings do!!!!!!!!

  3. The smartest move is to get a Washburn type and then use him to skip joba’s starts every other time to keep his innings back and use him out of the pen in the playoffs but in a long relief role and not just one and done relief pitcher.
    Joe you can’t have him throw 200 innings this year because he only threw 100 innings total last year which would be an increase of 100 innings over a year period and with Kerry wood and Mark Prior and most recently Scott Kazmir as examples you should have learned your lesson on pushing young starters to hard. Joba has the potential to be another ace on our team to go along with CC and Burnett so making sure he is around for years to come is more important than this year! Kazmir’s velocity has been down this year and his ERA is out of control and last year he was the Rays ace but he pitched way more innings than he ever had before and it clearly hurt him this year. Do you want to trade Joba’s potential for a world series this year? I don’t and if you do I’m glad you aren’t Brian Cashman or Joe Girardi!

  4. I would definitely say that you replace him in the rotation when he nears his innings limit with Hughes. At the same time, put Joba in the bullpen. This way, you put yourself in the best situation to win, don’t risk injury to Joba, and get Hughes the innings he needs.

  5. Greg the only way to stretch Hughes out would be to send him to triple and if you do that you lose his innings in the majors and waste him in the minors and if you don’t want to do that there is almost no way to stretch him out in time for the playoffs and not lose a bunch of games in the mean time. Hughes should stay in the pen for the rest of the year besides have you guys forgotten how bad Hughes had been in the rotation what makes you think a guy with a 5 ERA as a starter will be able to win playoff games going from throwing 95 to 89-92?

  6. I don’t understand why no one gets that most likely the playoff rotation will be Sabathia, Burnett, Pettitte and whatever starter they trade for will pitch 4th if needed and both Hughes, Aceves and Joba will all be in the pen. Think abut how good a playoff pen that is if Pettitte struggles you can have 3 pitchers come out of the pen that could all throw 2 or 3 innings of scoreless relief and if you use one for 2 or 3 you still have two more the next game who can go 2 or 3 it set up perfect really. So I would totally expect hughes and Chamberlain in the pen come playoff time, on the more conventional side if Pettitte goes 6 then Joba, Hughes and Mo for the 7th, 8th and 9th.


  8. Larry that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard! Wang injured his foot running the bases and then because of his lack of velocity on his sinker ball he started throwing his slider more, however the reason he stopped throwing the slider a lot to begin with was because was constantly injuring his arm. Girardi had nothing to do with it Cashman had nothing to do with it so learn what you are talking about and learn what caps lock is. I don’t want to be rude but seriously that is a dumb statement and things like that make me mad because you have no reason or proof just a half ass idea.

  9. “Pitching a baseball is an unnatural motion and injury is a predictability with most players.” This statement is a proven fact.
    Over the years I have seen many pitchers go down with arm injuries, some we never hear of because they never made it out of high school/collage or the minors. Changing a pitcher from starter to BP to starter to BP etc., is a good way to exacerbate the problem.
    Let us not get carried away with this Joba thing, if the gods be willing, he has many years to be the go to guy for the Yanks. Let’s not shorten his expectations just to win this year. I have faith in the team making the right choice with him.