A bit more on Papi, Manny

  • Every team since (at least) the 1989 A’s have had someone using something illegal. Not just the World Series winners. Every team. Every WS Champ has a stain.
  • This doesn’t invalidate what any team accomplished. It might make it less “heartwarming” or something like that. Or… not. I don’t think Sox fans’ views on 2004 and 2007 will materially change, just as I still look back at 1996, 1998-00 with great joy. Especially 1996 and 1998.
  • According to Big Red: “David Ortiz lied to you. It seems safe to say that his entire Red Sox career is a lie“. That’s a bit over the top, even from a Yanks fan. Sure, he lied but that doesn’t negate his entire career.
  • Why on Earth did Ortiz say those things back in February and earlier about one year suspensions, not embarrassing his family, etc.? Are we to believe that Ortiz had no idea his name was on The List? Why would he take such a self-righteous stance, obviously lying to his fans? I don’t understand this. This has gotta be near the height of stupidity. Unless he truly had no prior knowledge that his name was on The List.
  • Speaking of The List, why are we taking these reports as gospel anyways? Where’s the proof? The confirmation? ARod admitted it. But what if Papi says he never was told he tested positive back in 2003?
  • Anyone else find the timing a wee bit curious? At the height of the trade deadline (causing a distraction). Sox chasing the Yanks. Sox and Yanks set to play a big 4 game set at TNYS starting next Thursday. I’m no conspiracy theorist, but “why now?”
  • Lastly, a quick plea to Yanks fans: Don’t be the obnoxious ones to throw stones at the Sox today. We’ve been feeling those stones for a while now. Fight the urge to gloat. It was/is another sad day for the game. Another day of proof how widespread the use of PEDs were.

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